To the Called:

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By: Jacklyn Vanderpool, LiveBeyond's Spiritual Life Coordinator, Team Coordinator
Reposted from her blog Hands and Feet to the Nations

I’m coming up on my two year anniversary of living full time in Haiti , and I frequently get asked this question: “How did you know you were called to the mission field?” And it is almost always followed up with, “How did you prepare to go?”

I was reading Exodus 31 a few days ago, and I felt like the Lord was teaching me something really powerful in response to those questions. Before I had almost always just answered, “I felt like the Lord called me, and over a series of several years, the Lord prepared me to go.” Every word of that is truth, but I could sometimes see in the eyes of those that had asked me that it wasn’t the answer that they had wanted. I know so many people that feel like they have been called to the mission field but don’t feel like they are equipped or have the gifts and talents to be effective.

Exodus 31:1-4

“The Lord spoke to Moses: Look I have appointed by name, Bezalel son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah. I have filled him with God’s Spirit, with wisdom, understanding, and ability in every craft to design artistic works in gold, silver, and bronze.”

Let’s break this down real fast.

First off, God knows your name. The Creator of the universe, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords knows your name. You are such a delight to Him that He not only took the time to perfectly form you but to know you too!

Second, He has APPOINTED you!  In Ephesians 2:10 it says, “For we are His creation, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time, so that we should walk in them.” As Christians, we have work to do. God has called us to something great, something that gives all Glory to God the Father, and we get to be a part of that.

Lastly, God equips us! He gives us His Holy Spirit. When Jesus ascended, He said He would be with us always. As a Spirit-filled believer, you are equipped. Sometimes that looks like having to be trained over a series of weeks, months, or even years, but the timing of the Lord is always perfect. I knew when I was 11 that I wanted to be a missionary. It wasn’t until I was 21 that I knew that the Lord was calling me to Evangelism. I experienced an agonizing two years of waiting on the Lord before He started to train me in sharing the Gospel. And it was over a year before I was finally moving to Haiti full time. The Lord was preparing, equipping, and refining me over a period of 11 years (and still is), in such a way that will bring Him the most glory.

If you feel like the Lord has called you to missions but don’t see any doors that are opening, then take this opportunity to go before the Father and ask Him what you can learn, be refined in, and be challenged in that will bring Him the most glory. Please don’t listen to the lie that you are not good enough, don’t have the right gifts, or aren’t holy enough to be a missionary. If the Lord has put missions on your heart, trust Him in His timing and be willing to be refined and prepared. I’ll be the first to say, missions is a challenge and a sacrifice, but working alongside the Lord in the capacity that He created me for has been such a joy and a privilege.


LiveBeyond Spotlight | Kyle Blevings

How many LiveBeyond mission weeks have you served on?
The Kè Pou Timoun mission in January 2017 was my very first trip.

Share how you got involved with LiveBeyond.
I got involved with LiveBeyond from STAR Physical Therapy. They offered anyone in the company the chance to go on this trip, and I put in an application.

What's your favorite part of the mission week?
My favorite part of the entire trip was on the last day. We were all playing basketball in the hot sun, and then we noticed two of the kids were “practicing baptizing” in the baptism bath. Little did we know, that turned into the kids showing us how the Haitians perform baptisms, a fake wedding, and then a full on church service with Doodlie and Richard singing solos, and Richard preaching. Then Chi Chi had the quote of the entire trip. When asked what he would like to confess, he stated, “I am the pastor, I do not sin.” It was hilarious.

Share one of your most memorable experiences or encounters in Haiti.
My most memorable experience was seeing how grateful and excited these children were when we got to give them their Christmas bags and gifts.

What keeps you coming back to Haiti with LiveBeyond?
I will do everything in my power to continue coming back to Haiti and LiveBeyond every year!

Tell us how the people of Thomazeau have changed your life.
To be completely honest, just the fact of how grateful they are for all they have. Seeing the children share their food with ones they know are more hungry than others was absolutely amazing.

How have you seen LiveBeyond expand our work and impact since you got involved with our work?
I have indeed seen it. I cannot wait to see Johnny’s House and the Kè Pou Timoun school. But the way the Vanderpools are treated in the villages was amazing. They are doing things the right way.


Kyle Blevings is an Athletic Trainer with STAR Physical Therapy, at Giles County High School in Pulaski, Tennessee. He was born in Goldsboro, NC, but he was raised in southern Ohio in a little town called Wheelersburg. He graduated from Shawnee State University in 2013 and then moved to Tennessee for his job. He married to his wife on August 2, 2014, and on January 7, 2016, they had their first born son, Brent Owen (but they call him Bo).

LiveBeyond Spotlight | Adam Wilson

Adam (right), his wife Deb (left), and their daughter Bailey (middle)

Adam (right), his wife Deb (left), and their daughter Bailey (middle)

1. How many LiveBeyond mission weeks have you served on?  2 

2. Share how you got involve with LiveBeyond. 
I was in Christianville 3 times and John Carter from Tebow Foundation introduced me to Live Beyond.

3. What's your favorite part(s) of the mission week? 
Morning devo and afternoon trips into the village

4. Share one of your most memorable experiences or encounters in Haiti. 
Last year I had a chance to meet Annette.  That is a lasting experience

5. What keeps you coming back to Haiti with LiveBeyond (or will keep you going back in the future)? 
I enjoy bringing first-time short-term missionaries to Haiti for their own perspective and the work that God wants us to do.

6. How have you seen LiveBeyond expand/improve our work and impact in Haiti over the
course of your time supporting the organization?
I love to see the transition to empower the people of Haiti to give them hope.

Write a quick bio about yourself (what you do, where you are from, where you graduated from college, etc.) 
Self-Employed, Married, two teenage kids, MBA.  I enjoy a challenge, especially something that tests you physically, emotionally- and environmentally. I want to always be kinetic energy to others.

The Ohio group: back row: Adam, Deb, Jason, Renee front row: Greg, Bailey, Heather, MaKayla, Mark

The Ohio group:
back row: Adam, Deb, Jason, Renee
front row: Greg, Bailey, Heather, MaKayla, Mark

LiveBeyond Speaks on Vodou during Carnival Festivities

The Demonic Festival Plaguing Christians Prepares to Rear Its Ugly Head Worldwide
Charisma News, February 2, 2018
"Haiti is 30 percent Christian, but 100 percent vodou (Haitian voodoo)."
This is a statement I've heard several times through my years of working in Haiti. I've come to realize just how close to true this actually is. Because Christians in Haiti might not practice vodou, but they are certainly wary of the negative effects it can have on their communities. An example that comes to mind is a memory of my husband disposing of a snake as three (Christian) Haitian women screamed that he had killed a demon.

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Dr. Vanderpool Interview with Faithwire

Should Haitians Come to the U.S.? Here's Why One Missionary Says No
Faithwire, January 19, 2018
President Donald Trump’s purported comments about people coming to the U.S. from “sh**hole countries” sent shockwaves throughout the world, sparking intense questions about the president’s immigration policies as well as his views on foreign nations.
Considering that Haiti was among the countries for which Trump purportedly used the aforementioned label, Faithwire decided to further explore the situation on the ground there, speaking with Dr. David Vanderpool, CEO of LiveBeyond, a faith-based humanitarian group that provides healthcare and other services to Haitians.

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Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month
San Antonio Express News, January 5, 2018
Human trafficking is defined by the United Nations Office of Drug and Crimes as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, or the abuse of power or a position of vulnerability, or the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person for the purpose of exploitation.
In developing countries such as Haiti, where, according to the World Bank, a quarter of people live on less than $1.23 per day, this type of activity happens frequently, often because parents are unable to provide their children with the education and food they need. In most cases, they are sent to live with other families or orphanages on the promise that they will be taken care of. In exchange, the children are required to perform domestic services.

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LiveBeyond in the Christian Post: Disaster Relief Efforts in 2017

Charity Gives $1.3 Million to Repair 13 Churches Devastated by Hurricane Harvey, Irma
The Christian Post, December 23, 2017
"We are finding a lot of people down here who are needing help," LiveBeyond's James Woodroof told CP in a phone interview from the Houston area. "They are not getting a lot of relief. FEMA is helping out a little bit. They are providing money for people to go stay in different places but a lot of people down here who didn't have insurance. A lot of places were hit that didn't expect to get any flooding."

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