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Christians, Let's Step It Up
Crosswalk, October 18, 2017
No one would disagree that the United States has faced its share of difficulty this year in the face of natural disaster. Hurricane Harvey brought devastation to the Texas coast; Hurricane Irma destroyed parts of Florida; Puerto Rico is reeling after Hurricane Maria.
Estimated costs of hurricane damage have reached into the trillions. So how are programs like FEMA supposed to cover these costs? The short answer: they can’t. I work with a non-profit called LiveBeyond, part of our mission is to provide aid to those suffering from natural disasters. During our recent relief work in the Houston area, we have already encountered families rejected by FEMA. Apparently, the feet of water in their houses did not merit any financial aid.
And what about undocumented immigrants? What kind of assistance could they ever hope to see? Less than 20% of those affected by Hurricane Harvey had flood insurance. How will Texas, Florida or Puerto Rico recover from such terrible odds?

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