They Are Waiting for You


By: David Johnston, LiveBeyond's Base Manager
Reposted from his blog on August 9, 2017

As I came around the corner of the house I felt the sun hit the back of my neck. It was probably burning more than it already has been while I've been in Haiti. 

It was hot. It's always hot. Not only is the sun hot and burning, but the wind is also hot. It sucks the energy right out of you. 

As I walked I could barely open my eyes because of the white reflection off of the gravel, but I could hear it crunching under my feet. It's days like that when it's tempting to turn around go back inside and into the shade. 

Just as I was feeling that temptation I heard the voice of Stevenson, a boy from the local village running up to meet me with a grin on his face.

"They're waiting for you!" he said. 

THEY are a group of men that I lead in Bible study every day at 12:30 pm. THEY are a group of men that come ready to learn something new about scripture. 

I walked about one hundred more yards and saw them all sitting on the hard wooden benches under the squeaking corrugated metal roof. 

I'm so honored to be able to share conversation and experience life with this group of men.

I'm so honored to be able to share conversation and experience life with this group of men.

This was one of the most humbling moments I've had here in Haiti, but it rejuvenated my soul. Why would God choose me to speak to them every day?

Who knows? But there they were ready to hear whatever I had prepared.

The reason I share this story (as simple as it is) is that we all have people waiting on us. God prepares people for us to reach for His glory. Somehow He aligned circumstances in my life and in their lives to the minute detail that we would meet in this moment to talk about the Creator of the universe. 

God had a plan to use me to teach them about Himself. I was so honored to be in that moment and experience what God had planned for that meeting.