A Tums Ministry

By: Mark Steiner, LiveBeyond COO

Lerrison, one of our Haitian workers, came to me after worship saying his stomach and head hurt. Neither he nor I knew each other at that point. I must confess, I saw Lerrison as a hard man, yet had no basis for my perception of him. He would later share some of his past in church that would explain some of my previous impressions.

Although needing to do something other than take the time to help Lerrison, God revealed to me in that moment that Lerrison was the priority. We went to the clinic where I would provide relief in the form of a Tums and Tylenol.

This encounter began what I now call my “Tums Ministry”. You see, neither Lerrison nor I spoke the other’s language. Basic medication and a cup of water was given in the name of Jesus and through the love of Christ, a friendship began.

Lerrison would come frequently thereafter needing pain relief. What he and I thought was a clinical transaction was being used by God to build relationship.

Several weeks later, Lerrison came forward in church and proclaimed his love of the Lord. A denouncement of voodoo had occurred. Lerrison was laying claim to light over darkness; love over hate; hope over despair; and freedom over captivity.  Two weeks later, Lerrison was baptized.

Lesson learned:  Kindness and the love of Christ is a common language that can replace language, cultural, economic and all other barriers.

Lerrison now has a room prepared for him in heaven! Transforming Thomazeau for the Kingdom of God continues! Oh how we can rejoice in that!