Clean water is a vital aspect of good health and is not naturally available throughout the region of Thomazeau, Haiti. To address this essential need, LiveBeyond installed 800-gallon water tanks with an in-line filter that can be used indefinitely in communities throughout the region. 

Our clean water filtration systems in Thomazeau purify millions of gallons each year leading to better health and more productive lives for people. 



Country star, Brad Paisley, and his wife, actress Kim Williams-Paisley, became a part of the LiveBeyond family in 2012.

Kim met the Vanderpools at a dinner a few years ago and was moved by their stories to about their work in Haiti. After serving on two mission trips in Haiti, they caught the vision for providing clean drinking water for every man, woman, and child.

The Paisleys partnered with LiveBeyond to fund the installation of water filtration systems across Thomazeau to provide 200,000+ people with access to clean water.


Going to Haiti really opened my eyes to the plight of these hundreds of thousands of people–many of them mothers, fathers, and children–who are our neighbors. With LiveBeyond, we can help give them a basic human necessity they have never had: Clean water. I want to show them they are not forgotten.
— Kimberly Williams-Paisley