Approximately 60 percent of Haitians work in agriculture, but do not know proper techniques to produce quality products with high yields. One of our primary focuses is working with local farmers to teach improved and appropriate methods to increase agricultural productivity and strengthen agricultural markets.

LiveBeyond built an agriculture demonstration farm to test 140+ variants of grains, herbs, fruits, and vegetables to identify crops that thrive in Haiti’s dry, rugged terrain. When farmers can increase their output and quality, they can sell more products to provide their family with a better income.

Partners are essential to LiveBeyond in finding best practices, exchanging information, and implementing projects that can be shared and eventually owned by local Haitians. Today, our partners include the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture and its Agrinoms and two prestigious US Universities—Texas A&M (TAM) and Prairie View A&M (PVAM). 


+ Agriculture demonstration farm
+ Soil science
+ Food science (food preservation, post-harvest produce loss mitigation)
+ Integrated pest management
+ Irrigation
+ Agriculture education
+ Value-added micro-business enterprises
+ Agronomics (co-ops, marketing, export) 
+ Appropriate agricultural technology and engineering
+ Tropical veterinary medicine



Texas A&M AgriLife is partnering with LiveBeyond to develop feasible agricultural and food security strategies for the Thomazeau region.

The focus of some of the projects include: improving vegetables and crops, fruit, red meat and milk production, poultry and egg production, fish farming, feeds and nutrition, soil, water, and forages—as determined by the needs assessments.