In 2005, Dr. David and Laurie Vanderpool founded LiveBeyond, formerly known as Mobile Medical Disaster Relief. MMDR has traveled to more than 15 countries around the world to provide free medical care for communities affected by natural and man-made disasters.

Disaster response and relief has been a primary focus of LiveBeyond for more than 10 years. LiveBeyond's team has provided emergency disaster relief for several disasters including the 2010 Haiti earthquake and Hurricane Katrina (2005).



On October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 hurricane, made landfall in Haiti. This hurricane left widespread destruction and devastated Haiti's southwest coast. In the aftermath of this catastrophic storm, more than 1,000 lives were lost, and thousands were displaced as homes and business were completely destroyed. Haiti faced a food insecurity crisis as a result of crops flooding, food shortages, and cholera outbreaks due to water contamination. 


After the storm passed, the LiveBeyond team found that Thomazeau, the region in which LiveBeyond works, was spared of significant loss. Many people lost their primary food source as family gardens and crops were flooded, but overall, there was no major structural damage or casualties in our area. In the midst of praising God for protecting our community, LiveBeyond knew that countless cities, people and organizations were severely impacted and devastated by the hurricane. 

While food assistance will continue to be provided our community, we desire to be good stewards of all the gifts entrusted to us. Our team put together a response plan to provide relief for those truly devastated by the hurricane along the southwestern coast.

Our disaster response team traveled to devastated cities along the southwestern coast of Haiti to deliver truckloads of beans and rice. In addition, we provided water filtration systems and medical supplies for hurricane victims.



We need our LiveBeyond family to rally together and stand with the Haitian people. You can directly impact our work and the lives in the Thomazeau community. We need your financial support to provide immediate relief after natural disasters.

Your donation will help us provide food, clean water, and medical care for people in our region. Join us in reminding the Haitian people that help has arrived, and they are not forgotten.


There are two different types of mission trips that you have the opportunity to serve on — medical missions and nonmedical missions.



We need your passion, your love, and your voice. Tell your friends, family, and community about the needs of the Haitian people and impact of natural disasters like Hurricane Matthew. Let them know ways that they can get involved to help our friends in Haiti rebuild.