support the people of thomazeau

Be a part of the LiveBeyond team! Use your creativity and passion to take an active role by fundraising, donating, or spreading awareness for our cause. Choose from the options below to partner with us to transform Thomazeau for His glory.


Serving on a LiveBeyond mission week? Start a fundraising campaign to raise funds for your to share with your friends, family and church.


For $40 a month, you can sponsor a child, so they can attend our Kè Pou Timoun program and attend school. Invest in the next generation of thriving, Christian leaders in Thomazeau.


At-Risk Program

Help us empower individuals in our community with special needs. Your support provides for their essential needs. 

Johnny's KIDS

A group of children with special needs in Thomazeau are lovingly known as “Johnny’s Kids.” A sponsorship provides a child with therapy, medical care and more.


surgical Hospital

Haiti doesn't have a health care infrastructure. A hospital complex truly has the potential to transform the people's health for generations to come. Help us heal, treat and save more lives!


98% of mothers in Thomazeau deliver their babies in their home alone with no medical assistance. Help us build an OB/GYN hospital and educate more moms on how to carry and deliver a healthy baby!

solar panels


Sustainable energy lowers the cost of base operations and makes us more energy independent. This is important due to the fluctuation of the third-world oil market. 

Disaster Relief August 2017 1.jpg


Disaster response and relief has been a primary focus of LiveBeyond for more than 10 years. Help us prepare for future disasters in the US and abroad.


church building

Over 400 people have been baptized into Christ, and more are coming to know Him each week. A church building will provide for our ever-expanding evangelism needs.



LiveBeyond is dedicated to providing for the future of Haitians in Thomazeau by raising up leaders through Christian education. The secondary school (grades 7th-12th) will be the second floor of the school building.

Taylor and Pierre Richard.jpg

missionary housing

A quadraplex of appropriate housing would give missionaries in many different fields the privacy and comfort needed to serve the Haitian people for an extended period.


maternal health & nutrition center

Through the maternal health center, pregnant and nursing mothers will receive medical services and nutritional support through one year post-partum. The nutrition center will house an updated Kè Pou Timoun program that will provide health care and nutritional support for children until they reach school age. 



If you would like to donate medical supplies or medical equipment, please contact the LiveBeyond office at 615.835.3797


Refund Policy

LiveBeyond is unable refund to volunteers and donors any amount of raised funds which exceeds volunteer funding requirements. Once financial gifts are received by LiveBeyond, the individual donors are sent a charitable contribution receipt which is used for Federal Income Tax purposes and refunds are not possible.  All monies received in excess of the funding requirements will be used by LiveBeyond toward the mission.

Because LiveBeyond is a 501(c)(3) entity and all Mission Trip Payments are considered a tax deduction, we must follow strict refund policies.

  • The $230 mission trip deposit is non-refundable, for any reason.  

  • LiveBeyond will not be responsible for change fees charged by any airline, under any circumstance.

  • If a mission trip volunteer finds they are unable to participate on a future mission, the team member must alert LiveBeyond at least two weeks prior to departure in order to receive a refund of the second two payments. Any cancellations after that time can be used toward another trip, or the team member may choose to shift the funds to another LiveBeyond program. If there is a family or medical emergency, please contact as soon as possible.

  • In the unlikely event that LiveBeyond must cancel a trip, the cost of the trip less the non-refundable portion may be refunded to the payer.  However, it is the responsibility of the attendee to request the refund. They will have 30 days after the date of intended departure to request a refund. The team member may also choose to use the funds for another mission week or shift the funds to a different LiveBeyond program of their choosing.