Education is something that Americans often take for granted. It's unlikely that you know someone that didn't have a chance to attend school. In Haiti, only 50% of primary school age children go to school. The majority of people in Thomazeau have to work in their family's trade and don't have the opportunity to ever attend school. This vast lack of education contributes to extreme poverty in the region.

Our Education program is focused on expanding locals knowledge through multi-level English as a Second Language (ESL) & literacy classes offered at the LiveBeyond base. More than 80 students consisting of our Haitian staff, local teachers, pastors and city officials. 

We believe that offering an opportunity to learn is a vessel to end the poverty cycle in Thomazeau. With plans to build a primary school and library, we can educate more people in the community. 



Only two percent of women in the area around the LiveBeyond base can recognize their name when it's written down. 

One of our Haitian staff members, Sophie, is a 55-year-old student in our basic ESL class. During her first class with us, we had to teach her how to hold a pencil a seemingly mindless task to Americans, but her family was too poor to send her to school as a child, so it's a skill that wasn't taught to her. As she started her own family, she raised seven kids without being to be able to read them a book.

After six months of practicing in class, Sophie can finally write her name. Time after time, you can expect to hear her joyfully squeal when she correctly writes her name. Today, Sophie's knowledge continues to expand as she learns to read Pre-K level books and write basic sentences.

The opportunity to learn gives Sophie dignity, a sense of purpose and hope for a better future.

I love the way Live Beyond serves all the needs—body, mind, and soul—of the people in Haiti. The Haitian students, children as well as adults, in the LiveBeyond school are so eager to learn and excited to grow. Reading opens the power of language in their lives, and it also ignites the passion of possibility in their hearts.
— Dudley J. Delffs, Ph. D., Writer & former English Professor