Thank you for your interest in working for LiveBeyond. Joining our team is great way to serve the Lord through your career and work in a positive, Christ-centered environment.

Browse our current job opportunities in the United States and at our base in Thomazeau, Haiti.


No current openings. Please check back.


We are looking to fill the following position:

Construction Manager

  • 1 year agreement
  • Full-time in Haiti (would only leave every 90 days for Haitian visa regulations)
  • $45k/year
  • Needs to have some (1 year+) experience working on a job site
  • Needs to be willing to learn Creole

Contact us for more information:


  • Location: Thomazeau, Haiti
  • Commitment: Three months (renewable option available)
  • Hours: Interns can expect to work between 30-40 hours a week and will work on some evenings and weekends as needed.
  • Internship position is unpaid.
  • Housing: Room & board will be provided by LiveBeyond.
  • Airfare: Interns are responsible for purchasing all flights to and from Haiti.
  • Requirements: Please read our international internship requirements before applying.

Agriculture intern

The Agriculture Internship is a hands-on learning experience in which interns work alongside our Haitian farm staff to help run the LiveBeyond farm. Our agriculture development program is designed to help improve local farmers' knowledge and techniques, as well as increase crop yields through sustainable practices.



The Business Internship will consist of professional as well as administrative tasks. Interns may assist with the accounting, inventory, and financial functions for our base of operations as well as general accounting department tasks. This position will also provide the opportunity to work on various special projects on the base. 


ESL/Literacy Internship

The ESL/Literacy Internship is focused on helping locals and our Haitian staff further their education and communicate better in English. This position will also offer the opportunity to teach people how to read and give them the infinite gift of education.


General internship

The General Internship will give interns the opportunity to serve in multiple capacities at the LiveBeyond base. Interns may assist with responsibilities such as preparation for team weeks and organizing supplies. In this position, interns will float to various programs and projects to help us effectively run day-to-day operations.


Hospitality internship

The Hospitality Internship provides interns with the opportunity to be immersed in the operations and management of our guest house. Interns will learn all about the challenges and logistics behind remote operations while gaining experience in leading our Haitian staff and cooks to prepare meals and accommodations for mission teams. Interns will also be a friendly face to assist mission team members with any questions or needs that arise during a mission week.


JOhnny's Kids Internship

The Johnny's Kids Internship provides interns with the opportunity to work in our Johnny's Kids program. Interns will assist with physical therapy, teach basic skills, and spend quality time with children enrolled in our program who have special needs. 



The Kè Pou Timoun & Education Internship will consist of creating, organizing, and teaching daily lesson plans and activities for 100+ children in our Kè Pou Timoun program. Interns will assist with curriculum development and will lead daily classes with the assistance of our Haitian staff team assigned to this program.


maternal health internship

The Maternal Health Internship provides interns with the opportunity to work in our maternal health program. The position will help provide comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care, and maternal health education to 300+ pregnant mothers enrolled in the program.


Medical research internship

Medical data and research from LiveBeyond field operations are regularly published in peer-reviewed literature. The Medical Research Internship will consist of reviewing data and assisting with the development of medical research projects.