As we expand our hospital complex to include a surgical hospital, an OB/GYN hospital, and an inpatient hospital, we need medical equipment and supplies to outfit our facilities. Low-tech equipment is in particularly high demand since electricity here is 100% self-generated. 

If you'd like to make a donation, please call 615.835.3797. Below is a list of medical items that we need:

  • Hand-cranked beds
  • Syringe pumps
  • IV poles
  • Bedside tables
  • Birthing tables
  • C-section packs & instrumentation
  • Old ultrasound machines 
  • OR equipment (e.g., lighting, anesthesia machine, electric cautery, oxygen generators)
  • Dental equipment (e.g., tabletop sterilizers, suction, oxygen & gases, handheld dental drills and saws)

*Please contact LiveBeyond before de-installing any large pieces of equipment.LiveBeyond handles all transportation logistics for donated medical items. 



Dr. Whitney Mascorro was reluctant to leave her comfort zone and serve on her first medical mission with us a few years ago. Today, Dr. Mascorro is a passionate advocate for our work and is on a mission to transform maternal health with LiveBeyond.