Partners for change

A primary contributor to sustainable change is teamwork. LiveBeyond’s like-minded partners—including corporations and organizations— are a critical component of our work to change lives and transform Thomazeau. 

When we partner together, we can double our impact and think in bold ways about possible solutions to ensure that we meet the needs of the Haitian people as well as the goals of the partners that graciously contribute to our work.

LiveBeyond partner benefits include:

Improve corporate image through positioning as a leader in giving back and making a difference across the world.

Make a huge impact on the depth and scope of the lives we change with a strategic investment to fund our innovative programs.

Create an environment where employees are engaged and encouraged to share their time and talents to help those in need.

Help us train locals and implement high-quality practices in our programs for a positive, lasting impact in the community.

Boost employee morale and loyalty, and build stronger work communities by providing meaningful opportunities to serve.

Invest in the development and transformation of a community through sharing of corporate skills, resources, and talents.

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