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2015 – A Recap of God’s Goodness

Praise the Lord for an incredible year at LiveBeyond. Before we move forward and set our eyes on 2016, we want to pause and celebrate what God has already accomplished. Our LiveBeyond family boldly partnered with us to advance His Kingdom, so we wanted to show you a few of our favorite highlights from the year. In 2015, we…

launched our Johnny’s Kids program. Six children became known as a “Johnny’s Kid”—Chinyelo, Pierre Richard, Lancy, Daphne, Nadia and Rikkens (our newest addition). During our mission weeks, these children with special needs take part in daily therapy, education, nutritious meals and play activities.

Our sweet Nadia joined Johnny’s Kids in January, and she couldn’t walk or stand up without assistance. Today, she can walk and stand up on her own. God has truly worked a miracle in her life.

We will begin construction on “Johnny’s House” in 2016, and this facility will serve as a learning and therapy center for Johnny’s Kids. Long-term living quarters will be offered for select individuals in need of full-time care.

planted the LiveBeyond church. In 2014, our staff and locals constantly requested for us to start a church at the LiveBeyond base. In January, we hosted our first Sunday church service and began to worship with our staff on a daily basis before the work day starts. We hired two amazing men of God, Pastor Sargese and Pastor Markendy, to help lead our church. More than 65 people made a public declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ through baptism. The Lord is truly adding to our number daily those are who being saved. He is good!

started our Kè Pou Timoun program. Kè Pou Timoun (KPT) means Heart for Children in Creole. In February, we launched KPT with the plan of only accepting 20 kids in the program. God quickly revealed that His plan was much bigger–Today, there are nearly 100 children in KPT, and it’s continuing to grow. Kids in the program are provided with daily meals, tutoring, spiritual and leadership training, and an education in a Christ-centered environment. We firmly believe these children will be a generation of strong, Christian leaders in Thomazeau (and Laurie is certain a future of president of Haiti is in our program!) To transform more children’s lives, construction of a KPT school is on the horizon in 2016.

began feeding our staff & maternal health. As we were planning out the 2015 year, the Lord kindly showed us another great need in Thomazeau, and that was the malnourished people we see every day. In January, we launched a feeding program to serve nutritious meals on a daily basis to our staff, mothers in our maternal health program and KPT kids. Through these meals and our clinic’s feeding, we are providing 30,000 meals each month to the Thomazeau community. This initiative has not only transformed people’s physical health, but they’re beginning to understand that everything we do is a manifestation of His love for them. There are more full stomachs, and more people turning to Jesus and walking in His freedom!

hit water in Jacasse. Many of our staff and Kè Pou Timoun kids live in this community and spend hours walking up and down the mountain each day to get water.

This is just the beginning of new life in Jacassé. These people live in the midst of spiritual warfare, and we know that only the Lord can quench their deep, inner thirst. Join us in praying they will drink the “living water”—the gospel of Jesus Christ—and be refreshed and revived in their walk with Him. We’re expectant to see overflowing rivers of living water in this community!

delivered our first baby at the LiveBeyond clinic. The first ‪LiveBeyond baby was born at our medical clinic in October. Dr. Vanderpool and our maternal health team delivered a beautiful baby boy, who weighed 8.1 lbs. and was 21″ long. Our maternal health program also reached another major milestone—We’re now offering family planning services and Depo-Provera shots to women in Thomazeau. Through this investment, women can have healthier timing and spacing of pregnancies to improve maternal health, child health and economic development. Up next: an OB/GYN clinic, so more women can deliver babies in a safe, sterile environment with the assistance of our maternal health team.

hosted 16 mission weeks. Nearly 550 people have served on a LiveBeyond mission trip this year. We hosted 13 medical missions and three ESL & KPT mission weeks.

With the help our incredible teams, we treated more than 15,000 patients, cared for 300+ pregnant women, provided therapy for six children with physical disabilities, shared the Gospel with thousands of people, and loved on lots of God’s children.

We couldn’t do what we do without our incredible “LiveBeyond.” There aren’t enough words to express our thankfulness for your prayers, financial support, advocacy and service. YOU are a vital piece of the transformation in Haiti. Thank you for being a part of our family!

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