Dec 29, 2020 . 4 years ago

2021 A Year with Big Plans: Providing Proper Nutrition

We are starting the new year with a plan to end malnutrition in our region of Thomazeau, Haiti. This means we will be able to provide meals for a total of 9,300 children. We currently provide meals for 3,200 children each weekday and have great hopes of adding the remaining 6,100 malnourished children to the program. 

You might be wondering just how we will provide meals to so many hungry mouths. Well, the saying “It takes a village” is quite true. LiveBeyond will supply the needed food products to local schools. The schools will then prepare nutritious meals and provide them to the children each school day.

We also provide meals to the children at the LiveBeyond school, the maternal health program mothers and their families, and the children in our Jonny’s Kids program. 

Through this process, we have been able to reach many malnourished children and provide them with consistent nutritious meals to improve their health and wellbeing. Having proper nutrition does more than just feed a hungry stomach. These meals aid in proper cognitive development, physical growth, and allowing a child to focus on their learning materials rather than their growling stomach. 

Since October, we have been raising funds in order to carry out this ambitious goal in 2021. All donations from the Child Nutrition Fundraiser, Giving Tuesday, and end of year giving are going toward our efforts to end malnutrition in our region of Thomazeau, Haiti.

So far we have raised over 70% of our goal. We are so close to achieving this goal, and we need your help to start 2021 with a big impact. There are still a few days left in 2020 to donate your tax-deductible end of year gift. If you would like to donate to our cause click here

We are so excited to see the Lord’s work unfold in 2021. Thank you for your generosity so LiveBeyond can impact many more lives in the Thomazeau community. Happy New Year! 

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