Aug 03, 2022 . 2 years ago

2022 LiveBeyond School Fundraiser

Today, we are excited to launch the 2022 School Fundraiser! Since the LiveBeyond school started in 2019, we have added new grades, classes, and teachers and grown the number of students we serve each year. And this coming school year is no different!

During this fundraiser, your donations will go toward: 

 1. The costs to provide each student with free quality education (books, curriculum, uniforms, & a backpack full of supplies)

 2. Hiring 5 new teachers for the 2022-2023 school year

 3. Renovation of more rooms in our guesthouse to expand for extra classroom space


Too often in Haiti, children go without an education simply due to the fact that their families can’t afford to send them to school.

At LiveBeyond, we believe each and every child deserves to have access to receive a quality education, and that is why we will always cover all costs for the LiveBeyond students. While taking care of our students, we also ensure the highest quality, university-trained teachers in our school. 

To find and acquire these teachers, we often have to look for them outside of the Thomazeau region. We help these individuals relocate to Thomazeau by covering their housing expenses and compensating them with a quality living wage. We do so in order for them to be fully invested in caring for their students and their own families.

The LiveBeyond school will not settle to provide anything less than a high-quality, Christian-led education so that each student can become equipped with the resources they need to live prosperous lives.  


This year, help us raise the funds so we can continue to provide free high-quality education with the best trained teachers!

Donate to the LiveBeyond School

We thank you for the love, dedication, and continuous support that you have shown LiveBeyond! With your support, we are able to make a big impact on many lives. Thank you for choosing to live beyond yourself. 

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