Jun 14, 2022 . 2 years ago

3 Ways to Make a Difference by Partnering with LiveBeyond

LiveBeyond is on a mission to provide healthcare, nutritional support, and education to vulnerable individuals in order to foster the development of stable, healthy, and sustainable communities. But the work we do can’t be done without the dedication of our supporters and partners!

You too can become an integral part of LiveBeyond’s work by supporting a program, spreading awareness, or joining forces with LiveBeyond. We are incredibly grateful to all who partner with LiveBeyond to make our work as impactful as it is. Thank you for considering partnering with us so that we may continue to reach more people & create a big impact.

Support the Program You are Passionate About

We have many programs to choose from. They include our maternal healthcare, the LiveBeyond school, the Johnny’s Kids program, nutritional support, agricultural training, the LiveBeyond church, clean water initiative, and community healthcare. Constantly, we work to improve and provide sustainable solutions in the communities we serve.

We design our programs in such a way that they will be able to sustain themselves through local communities despite the challenges of the areas we focus on. We also develop our programs with the goal to help achieve progress in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). With these goals in mind, we focus on creating self-reliance within communities. We do this by empowering individuals with skills so they can take charge of their own lives. Whether it be through learning new agricultural methods or acquiring access to quality healthcare, our objective is always to empower people with knowledge and access to the resources they need. We must enable people to live better lives today while also planning for future generations through education & health care services.

You can support the program of your choice by giving a recurring monthly donation. You can give online or by mailing a check. To learn more and start the process, please click here.

Spread awareness by hosting a LiveBeyond speaker at your event

If you’re hosting an event that aims to empower women and children in vulnerable populations, we’d love to help spread awareness of our work by sending one of our speakers. Events like these allow for many to learn the importance and the dire need of providing resources to vulnerable populations.

LiveBeyond speakers highlight the opportunities available for your audience to become involved in and how they can make a difference. In order to continue growing and progressing, we must continue to reach more people and spread awareness. Vulnerable individuals are counting on us!

If you have an interest in hosting a LiveBeyond speaker at one of your events, reach out to us by sending an email to [email protected]. You can choose from topics in medical care, maternal and infant health, education and special needs, food security, clean water, or a combination of all of LiveBeyond’s initiatives.

Join forces by connecting your work or organization with LiveBeyond

An exciting way for people to get involved is to have your work or organization become a partner with LiveBeyond. Partnering with other organizations and corporations is one of the ways we create our biggest impact. We know that together we can be world changers! To do that, we must relieve oppression and be generous with our resources. When you partner with LiveBeyond, our combined efforts help multiply impact. Together, we can ensure vulnerable populations can live the meaningful lives they deserve.

If interested in how to make a difference & create a partnership, email us today to get connected & start the process! Together we’ll explore how LiveBeyond can help you reach more people in need. Also,  you can expand your impact and create a bigger difference in our communities.

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