Apr 19, 2023 . 12 months ago

4th Annual Mother’s Day Campaign

LiveBeyond is excited to launch our 4th Annual Mother’s Day Campaign today!

For four years now, LiveBeyond has held a Mother’s Day Campaign to raise funds for specific necessities that increase and improve how LiveBeyond serves mothers and children in Thomazeau, Haiti. 

Amazing LiveBeyond supporters have made the Mother’s Day Campaigns a huge success that has generated tremendous positive impact! Your past support has helped create positive change and lasting impact for the women and children of Thomazeau, Haiti. Your past Mother’s Day Campaign giving. . .

– helped build a new delivery room

– provided supplies for Safe Sleep to new mothers

– helped hire new doctors and nurses

– purchased a new ultrasound machine

Because of you, LiveBeyond doctors and nurses are able to provide high-quality healthcare, and mothers and children in Haiti experience healthier lives

2023 Mother’s Day Campaign

This year the maternal health program is implementing a new and exciting service. . . adult and childhood vaccinations! During the Mother’s Day Campaign you can help LiveBeyond expand the vaccination services so we can continue to save more lives and help create a healthier community. 

When you give to the 2023 Mother’s Day Campaign, your donations will go toward: 

– Purchasing specialized equipment for proper storage of the vaccinations

– Hiring new medical staff to provide and manage the vaccination services

– Purchasing vaccinations through 2023

Implementing New Services

In Haiti, there is a lack of access to healthcare, and a big part of that is a lack of access to vaccinations. Too many people get sick and die from health complications and diseases that could have been prevented. Making vaccines available to mothers and children in the Maternal Health Program will continue improving their quality of life and decreasing maternal and infant mortality.

In order for the Maternal Health Program to provide mothers and children with vaccines, the proper equipment for storing the vaccines must be in place. A specialized refrigerator will help store vaccines safely, ensuring they remain effective and potent. Proper refrigeration extends the life of the vaccines, increasing the number of moms and children that have access to vaccinations.   

Also, purchasing vaccines for the rest of 2023 will increase the number of mothers and children in the Thomazeau community who get vaccinated and experience better health outcomes. These vaccinations will help prevent maternal and neonatal deaths and ensure that mothers and children are healthy and thriving.

Finally, hiring new medical staff to oversee the vaccination services will help ensure that the vaccinations are managed and administered safely and effectively. LiveBeyond medical staff want to make sure that every single vaccination that comes into the Maternal Health Program is used. Having the proper medical staff is essential in making life-saving vaccinations available for moms and children.

These moms and babies deserve quality healthcare. With your help, we can continue to help the LiveBeyond doctors & nurses improve & increase healthcare services to the Thomazeau community.

Help LiveBeyond provide vaccination services to combat maternal and infant mortality and improve quality of life! 

Donate Today!

Your donation, no matter the amount, will make a real difference in the lives of mothers and children in need.

Too often in Haiti, mothers and children die from treatable complications and diseases. A lack of healthcare leaves moms and children suffering with nowhere to turn. LiveBeyond doctors and nurses are diligently working to decrease maternal & infant mortality and improve the quality of life of the mothers and children in Thomazeau, Haiti. The Maternal Health Program provides moms & children the care they need to lead healthy lives & reach their full potential. 

Together, this Mother’s Day, we can help the LiveBeyond doctors and nurses provide the Thomazeau community with life-saving vaccinations and healthcare that increase positive health outcomes for mothers and children. 

We thank you for your generosity, prayers, and encouragement! Thank you for choosing to live beyond yourself. 

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