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5 Ways LiveBeyond is Helping Create Sustainable Development

Community development demands a holistic approach. So, we have chosen to address the core needs of healthcare, nutrition, and education to promote sustainability. Our mission is to create thriving communities that operate through local people and local resources.

Building Partnerships

Partnerships are a vital component of combining resources to help create the most significant impact and long-term sustainable development. So, we work diligently to partner with others in order to reach many. 

We work with many local and international partners to make this vision a reality. A few of our partners are Convoy of Hope, Food for the Poor, Steward Health, and many more. Without intentional collaboration, sustainability is not possible. 

By collaborating with outstanding partners, we can provide resources such as food, supplies, quality healthcare, training and empowerment of local community members, and access to an exceptional education. 

Providing Medical Care

Providing medical care is one of the ways LiveBeyond is helping to promote sustainability.

Without quality healthcare, a community is constrained to the level of their ailments. So, to combat this LiveBeyond has hired and trained its medical staff of local Haitian nurses and doctors. We currently have ten nurses and two doctors serving the community of Thomazeau, Haiti.

Our primary medical care programs are the maternal health program and 24-7 medical clinic. 

The maternal health program and our medical clinic operate out of the hospital on the LiveBeyond base. Medical care is provided free of charge for all who come to the LiveBeyond hospital. By doing so, LiveBeyond is able to support many of the most vulnerable populations. We believe that financial means should never stand in the way of treatable diseases.

Our goal is not only to provide free medical care but also to improve community health by educating individuals on proper hygiene practices and providing needed vaccinations, vitamins, and nutritional support.

Additionally, the maternal health clinic serves mothers from the moment they become aware they are pregnant through the child’s first 1,000 days of life. The mother and baby receive weekly checkups, are provided with vitamins and nutritional support, and are given the proper medical care throughout their pregnancy and after birth.

Promoting Education

LiveBeyond has a commitment to ensuring that children in Thomazeau, Haiti have access to quality education. We’re taking action by providing free, high-quality education for 180 students in the local Thomazeau community. The LiveBeyond school is a Christian-led environment, and we teach nine different subjects to our students. Their curriculum includes science, math, social studies, language arts, French, Spanish, English, Bible, and music.

In addition, LiveBeyond provides an inclusive learning environment for children of all abilities and backgrounds—including those with disabilities. 

We created the Johnny’s Kids Program specifically to help students with disabilities succeed in school and beyond. By doing so, we currently have 27 students in the Johnny’s Kids program and will continue to promote growth in the program.

LiveBeyond believes in the power of quality education to promote sustainable development for the future of the Thomazeau community.

Sustaining Communities

LiveBeyond is helping to sustain communities through our holistic approach to providing much-needed resources. In order to do that, we have eight programs that provide life-giving resources to the local community. 

They are the maternal health program, nutrition program, the LiveBeyond school, Johnny’s Kids program, clean water initiative, community healthcare, agricultural training, and the LiveBeyond church.

These projects all work together to ensure that long-term sustainability is achieved. For the past three years, the LiveBeyond base in Thomazeau, Haiti, has been fully operational by the local Haitian staff. Because of this, the community is becoming stronger! Providing local resources by local community members helps to promote sustainability by empowering local leaders to care for their communities. 

LiveBeyond is making a difference.

LiveBeyond is working hard to empower vulnerable populations living in poverty worldwide. We accomplish this mission through our strategies of building partnerships, providing medical care, promoting education, supplying nutritional support, and sustaining communities.

Also, the goal of LiveBeyond is to create sustainable development for people in need by empowering them with the necessary tools to live healthy and thriving lives. 

We can make a significant difference in our world today by working toward these goals together! So, if you are interested in learning more about LiveBeyond, check out our resources page here

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