Oct 20, 2020 . 4 years ago

A Child Nutrition Success Story

A very easy way to connect and form relationships with people is through meeting basic needs for them. One way we do that at LiveBeyond is through child nutrition. We love to learn the stories of each individual we come in contact with. When we learn their story, we get to know who they are, how the Lord has worked and moved in their life, or have an opportunity to introduce them to the Lord. Today, we wanted to share a very special story with you. It is the story of Robertho.  

We first met Robertho when he was 12 years old, severely malnourished, and had a distended stomach from worms. He has many siblings and is parented by a single mother. This has increased food insecurity and extreme poverty for Robertho. As the oldest sibling, many responsibilities are expected of him. He is to gather the water, build fires for cooking, and tend to the needs of his younger siblings. Also, he had never attended school out of sheer necessity to help his family and extreme poverty prohibiting him from being able to afford school. 

When we were able to give him the needed medications to rid him of worms and provide him with steady and healthy meals, he began to steadily gain weight and grow. Robertho now attends the LiveBeyond school where he can receive a great education and grow with his peers. Robertho is now a happy and healthy 16 year old continuing his education at the LiveBeyond school and leading his family in good health and hygiene. 

We are very proud of Robertho and everything he has achieved. 

There are so many other children with stories similar to Robertho’s. So, we are on a mission to change the world one life at a time. You can help us change lives through child nutrition. You can give a recurring monthly donation of $40 that provides meals for 12 children each weekday. Also, you can share our blog to help spread the word or give any desired one-time donation. 

When you give the gift of nutrition, you are helping provide meals to children just like Robertho. There are 6100 children in Thomazeau that still suffer from malnutrition. Help be a part of the solution to end malnutrition in Thomazeau! 

Ensure proper child nutrition for the children of Thomazeau! Give the gift of nutrition today. TOGETHER, we will change the world one life at a time! 

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