Apr 15, 2020 . 4 years ago

A COVID-19 Update from Dr. David Vanderpool

After the celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection this past Easter weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to bring some good news to our LiveBeyond community regarding the Covid-19 outbreak.  It’s now been 105 days since China announced to the world that a new virus was decimating Hubei province.  Since that time, the virus has spread worldwide and many countries have suffered the ravages of death and economic disarray.  

A month later, on January 30, the World Health Organization declared a global emergency.  The next day the US government began effective public health measures against the emerging pandemic by suspending entry into the US for those who had travelled to China within the previous fourteen days.  Five days later, on February 5, the CDC began shipping Covid-19 lab tests to state and local health facilities.  On March 5, 35 days after the WHO declared the global emergency, private sector medical laboratory companies LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics, developed and began shipping their newly developed tests throughout the country.  This is a truly amazing feat in such a short amount of time.  

A week later, on March 13, our government declared a national emergency, freeing federal money to be used in the fight. Soon after, 33 states further implemented proper public health measures by enforcing physical distancing, closing schools and quarantining the sick and vulnerable.  Since that time, more states have implemented stay at home orders and work stoppages.  

Medical scientists have been aggressively adapting and developing pharmaceutical solutions to the disease and have seen promising results thus far.  The Lord willing, soon we will see these lifesaving drugs on the market.  

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, has done a fabulous job advising our government on the proper way to combat this terrible outbreak and because of the rapid implementation of sound public health policies, we are beginning to see a “flattening of the curve”.  During this period of early success, we don’t have the luxury to relax these time-tested public health policies which are responsible for saving so many lives but must double down on them to achieve ultimate success.    

While there have been a few missteps and delays, the overall response by our government and by healthcare workers is phenomenal.  The U.S. is well ahead of the predictive infectious disease models and the dire predictions in the media are falling increasingly short.  

Though we have a long way to go before this pandemic is behind us, the recent celebration of the Resurrection Day of Jesus provides us the opportunity to thank the Lord for His great sacrifice that gives us eternal life.  

The LiveBeyond Base in Haiti is doing well.  We have educated our staff and their families on proper handwashing techniques, physical distancing and quarantining the sick.  We thank God that we have had no known Covid illnesses in our area. Our hospital, maternal health and feeding programs are continuing to bless the people of Thomazeau. Our school children continue to work on their assignments at home.  Please pray that Haiti will be spared.

The Lord is in control and He is risen!


Dr. David Vanderpool

CEO and Founder of LiveBeyond

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