Oct 19, 2021 . 2 years ago

A Different Way to Engage & Support LiveBeyond

Are you looking for ways to support and connect with LiveBeyond? You can stay up to date with all that is happening at the LiveBeyond base and current events in Haiti when you subscribe and listen to the LiveBeyond Podcast.

The podcast has a nine-part Living Missionally series. In this series, Dr. Vanderpool dives into what it looks like to live a missional life. We also have special episodes covering Johnny’s legacy, highlights in the maternal health program, the ten-year earthquake anniversary, and much more! Click the link below to start listening. 

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Start listening to be the first to know about important updates from Dr. Vanderpool and to gain insights on LiveBeyond’s programs. 


If you’re looking for ways to support LiveBeyond outside of monetary donations, you can shop AmazonSmile. Do all of your normal Amazon shopping on AmazonSmile! All you have to do is select LiveBeyond as your charity, and Amazon will make a donation when you shop. There is no extra cost to you. A simple change to AmazonSmile and you are able to create an impact for your favorite charities, whether that is LiveBeyond or one of the millions of nonprofits out there!

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Thank you for your support for LiveBeyond and for listening to the podcast!

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