May 17, 2022 . 2 years ago

A LiveBeyond Update in Israel & Haiti

We have had an eventful few months at LiveBeyond, and we are eager to inform you of all the updates!

David and Laurie spent the majority of March and April in Israel. Their time there was focused on: 

Growing and strengthening relationships in the community 

Meeting the families already being served in the Israel Johnny’s Kids program

Creating partnerships with local government officials

Establishing processes of finding new families to join the Johnny’s Kids program

Fellowshipping with the local Jewish and Arab Believers in Jesus


Also, during their time in Israel, they were able to find and rent a building for the future growth of the Johnny’s Kids Israel program. The building is large enough to hold two classrooms for approximately 20 students each, a therapy room, and an event space. The vision for this building is to:

Provide an inclusive educational experience

Utilize the space to provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy

Offer a day program for children experiencing congenital disabilities

Create a mothers empowerment program – This will be a time for mothers to gather, share, discuss, and relate with one another, enjoy fun activities

The growth of the Israel Johnny’s Kids program has been a blessing from the Lord. We are eager to see the Lord’s plans unfold as we continue moving forward with the growth of LiveBeyond programs in Israel. 


We also have many updates to share with you from Haiti!

Because of the success of the Mother’s Day campaign, we have already been able to bring the new Haitian medical doctor on board with the maternal health team! We now can utilize the hospital delivery room as a 24-hour service to mothers. Thank you for your support to the moms and babies of Thomazeau!

The maternal health staff has begun virtual training with Steward Health doctors. They meet once a month for the online training and are able to request information in areas they feel they need more knowledge. Sometimes technology can bring us frustrations, but other times it provides amazing resources and opportunities such as this! We are so excited for the maternal health team to continue their learning through the Steward Health training. 

Please continue to uplift Haiti in your prayers. Ongoing gang violence is still a heightened concern and endangering too many people. While LiveBeyond has excellent security, we have encountered undesired gang activity in our area, and we are working diligently to mitigate any further actions. Please keep praying for the peace of the Lord to permeate Haiti!

Thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragement! We are grateful for you!

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