Jul 06, 2021 . 3 years ago

A Review of LiveBeyond’s 11 Years of Impact in Haiti

LiveBeyond has been actively working to create an impact in Haiti for more than 11 years now. We have focused on providing quality healthcare, nutrition, and education to the community of Thomazeau, Haiti. Through our years of work, we have been able to provide life-changing resources and share the gospel with thousands.

While we share updates and progress on individual programs, we want to spend some time sharing an overview of LiveBeyond’s work throughout our years in Thomazeau. Your support, prayers, donations, and encouragement are what allow LiveBeyond to have such a tremendous impact! We want you to know how you continue to help LiveBeyond have a great impact.


Maternal Health Program

When the maternal health program began, Haitian mothers were 30x more likely to experience a pregnancy-related problem, resulting in death, than an American mother. LiveBeyond has been able to reduce this rate for mothers in our region from 30x to only 7x more likely to experience a pregnancy-related problem, resulting in death, than an American mother.
The LiveBeyond maternal health program has helped reduce the rate of death for children under the age of 5 from 9x the US rate to 4x the US rate.
300 lives have been directly saved through the course of the maternal health program!


Food Security
 Malnutrition is an unfortunate reality for far too many children in Haiti. LiveBeyond is striving to eradicate malnutrition in our region of Thomazeau, Haiti by providing free nutritious meals to as many children as possible. We are currently on track to providing 6400 meals to malnourished children each weekday.

Clean Water
 When we began our work in 2012, only 48% of the population had access to clean water. Now, 100% of the population in Thomazeau, Haiti has access to clean water. Clean drinking water is essential to saving lives and creating sustainable communities.


 In order to create sustainability in communities, there must be equal opportunities to receive an education. Too many children in Haiti are not able to receive quality education because they either can’t afford tuition or are turned away for their differing abilities. LiveBeyond created our school to provide free quality education in an inclusive environment to children of all abilities. Quality education is of utmost importance for every child!

Educating Mothers
Healthy moms. Healthy babies. Creating healthy communities. We empower the mothers in the maternal health program through education on properly caring for themselves and their child to create healthier communities.


The base in Thomazeau has been self-sustained by the local staff since 2019. This has been the vision for the community of Thomazeau since we began our work, and we are delighted that it has continued to be successful for two years now.

LiveBeyond has been able to accomplish great progress because of the hard work and dedication of the amazing LiveBeyond staff, your support, and the ever-presence of the Lord! We are proud of what has come thus far. We are eternally grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness and your support!

To support LiveBeyond, you can make a donation by clicking here. When you donate to LiveBeyond you are helping provide healthcare, nutrition, and education to the community of Thomazeau, Haiti. Thank you for helping create a lasting impact in Haiti!

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