May 04, 2021 . 3 years ago

A Story of Hope: Successful Maternal Health Intervention

Through the many years in Thomazeau, Haiti, we have served many mothers and children with successful maternal health interventions. There have been more than 3,000 mothers and infants impacted by the LiveBeyond maternal health program. 

While we have experienced the sadness of losing a mother or child’s life under unfavorable circumstances, the vast majority of those we serve experience great success. We would like to share a story of hope & success from one of the mothers in the maternal health program. 


Madeline’s Successful Maternal Health Intervention

Madeline came to the maternal health program in October 2020. Her husband had recently separated from her. She was feeling very discouraged, to the extent that she didn’t want to live anymore or have her baby live. 

She was six months pregnant, weighing 110 lbs with a blood pressure of 150/110. The maternal health nurses recognized that she was in a very bad state. The doctor treated her for high blood pressure while the nurses tended to her other needs and made a point to extend much love and encouragement to Madeline. 

It was extremely important for the staff to help her realize that she still had a life the Lord wanted her to live and give life to her unborn child. 

Each week Madeline came to the maternal health program for checkups. She received proper care along with a meal at each visit and food to take home with her. The nurses also visited her home 3 days each week to check her blood pressure, provide maternal health education, and give her words of encouragement. The nurses shared the Gospel with her and they would sing praises to the Lord together. 

Madeline started implementing all of the suggestions from the maternal health education she had received. At each home visit, the nurses could see her spirits lifting. After some time, she started gaining weight and her blood pressure was stable prior to delivery. 

Early this year, on January 2, Madeline delivered a healthy baby boy! She is looking to the future with her child, sending prayers of thanks and singing praise to the Lord for saving her life. She is grateful for the doctor and nurses at LiveBeyond. Madeline continues to come to the maternal health program weekly with her son and has invited her friends who are pregnant. We love Madeline and her baby boy! 

Be Involved with LiveBeyond’s Maternal Health Success Stories

While this is just one story, there are many similar success stories for the mothers in the maternal health program. We are proud to serve these mothers at no charge because of generous donations from LiveBeyond supporters! 

As we quickly approach Mother’s Day, help us meet our goal by sponsoring one of the 350 anticipated deliveries! Your sponsorship of $100 helps a mother have a safe and sanitary environment to deliver her baby in the LiveBeyond delivery room. 

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