At LiveBeyond, we know that together we can be world changers! To change the world we must relieve oppression, share the gospel, and be generous with our resources. However, there are many distractions in our everyday lives - or you simply might not know where to start. This might leave you feeling confused, frustrated or lost. Where should you turn to change the world?

We believe if God has called us to The Great Commission, then it shouldn’t be so hard to get involved. You want to be able to trust a nonprofit because you have worked hard for the money you earn. You want to know the impact your donation will make on real lives. LiveBeyond understands this. To demonstrate the quantifiable ways your support can transform a community, we provide transparency through our impact report: See How Your Donations Are Changing Lives.

We will change the world one life at a time through healthcare, nutrition, and education for women and children. Together, these building blocks create sustainable communities. We implement each of these in their own phase for a holistic approach. So, help us change the world one life at a time by Giving Hope Today! In the meantime, download See How Your Donations Are Changing Lives to see how the community of Thomazeau, Haiti is transforming. Find grace and inspiration through charity. Start impacting a life. Together we can change the world.

Our Research

Our research is making an impact.

Lessons Learned in Delivery of Post-Earthquake Orthopedic Surgery Care in Haiti.

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Assessing Childhood Malnutrition in Haiti: Meeting the United Nations Millennium Development Goal.


Rapidly Evolving Outbreak of a Febrile Illness in Rural Haiti: The Importance of a Field Diagnosis of Chikungunya Virus in Remote Locations.

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Our History


LiveBeyond, formerly Mobile Medical Disaster Relief, is founded and first responds to Hurricane
Katrina on the American Gulf Coast. Continued relief is provided for the next 2 years.


LiveBeyond responds to disasters in Honduras, Mozambique, and Ghana


LiveBeyond team responds to the Haitian earthquake with a world-class medical team and supplies.


63 acre plot of land is purchased for the future home of “The Base.”


LiveBeyond sustains a full-time presence with Haitian & American staff at The Base. The Scott & Tracie Hamilton Guest House is completed and dedicated.


The medical clinic is completed. It begins to provide excellence in medical care and employ Haitian doctors and nurses.


Forty-six water wells are drilled and purified in Thomazeau, Haiti. Safer drinking water saves even more lives.


The LiveBeyond Base is completely off-grid and powered by solar. This protects the entire base during fuel shortages and sporadic pricing.


Electronic Medical Record App is developed as a “best practices” model for NGOs.


Electronic Agricultural Record App is published to educate and empower local farmers with state-of-the-art data collection + market information.


The LiveBeyond School is completed and The Base is fully managed by local Haitian staff.


LiveBeyond expands healthcare, nutrition, and education programs in Haiti and provides appropriate COVID-19 relief to members of the community.

LiveBeyond is a registered 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization

See How Your Donations Are Changing Lives

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