Nov 21, 2023 . 6 months ago

As We Prepare for GivingTuesday: A Success Story

When you think of children, what image comes to mind? Laughing? Running? Playing? For many kids, that is the reality. For some, it is not. Daniel, a boy in Israel’s West Bank, where LiveBeyond opened a Johnny’s Kids program in 2022, could only watch as other children played outdoors and attended school. 

He is one of a million children living in poverty in Israel. 22.1% of households in this region lack essentials. Housing, education, healthcare, and food are sparse, according to The Times of Israel

But for Daniel, the situation was even worse. We thought you’d like to know his story and ask you to remember him and others in his community as you consider donating this GivingTuesday.  

Daniel’s Story

A disability affecting his legs left him unable to join the fun. The inability to walk left Daniel homebound and broke his parent’s hearts. No mother and father, regardless of economic status or where they live in this world, can bear to see their child sad and suffering. 

And so … with funding from our generous donors, LiveBeyond stepped in to help. Provided with physical therapy and a walker, Daniel is now able to attend school, as part of the Johnny’s Kids’ program, and play with other kids. He may not be able to run, but there’s a smile on his face, new friends, fresh air, and an education that will change the course of his life. 

His parents are thrilled to see their son experience the freedom of movement and the joy of friendships and school. Not only has this transformation impacted Daniel and his family, but also others in the Johnny’s Kids Israel program who feel encouraged and inspired by Daniel’s progress.

Medical Care, Education, and SO Much More

Daniel is just one of nearly 30 students in LiveBeyond’s Johnny’s Kids program, located just outside Jerusalem. Since it opened in 2022, Johnny’s Kids has grown significantly, with staff working tirelessly to nurture and educate children with disabilities. For many of these kids, it is the first time they have received medical attention and the much-needed physical and speech therapy they need to improve their quality of life. People with disabilities are often ostracized and neglected in their society, so receiving free medical care provides the obvious physical benefits and so much more. When you donate on GivingTuesday you are helping children gain

– Confidence

– Opportunities

– Self-worth

– Friendships

– Improved mental and emotional health

Combined with food, education, and plenty of love, the children in Israel’s Johnny’s Kids program can thrive instead of merely survive. They can have a real childhood, one that is not riddled with pain, fear, and sadness. And they can face the future with hope. By donating this GivingTuesday you can help ensure children in Israel and Haiti continue receiving this exceptional care and support. 

Where Do You Look for Miracles?

Look in the mirror. God is using you and all our donors to change lives, hearts, perspectives, and futures. When you give, He blesses your donation and transforms money into a pathway toward healing, nutrition, education, and opportunities. He uses it to grow faith, expand minds, inspire, and replace tears with smiles. When you answer the call to give, you become part of the miracle. You have chosen to part with something society worships: money. And with that choice, you positively and wonderfully alter the lives of total strangers.  

Know this: LiveBeyond, along with all the children and parents in the Israel and Haiti Johnny’s Kids programs and ALL the people who have been fed, educated, and healed by your donations, holds more gratitude than words can express. “Thank you” pales in response to what you have done, but for lack of more powerful words … THANK YOU.  

LiveBeyond is unwavering in its commitment to continue its good work in these communities, and we can do it with your help. Despite many obstacles in Haiti and Israel, including violence, destructive weather, volatile politics, extreme poverty,  and disease, we can impact lives with your funds and God’s unrelenting love and abundant blessings. Please lend your prayers and support on GivingTuesday so children like Daniel can step into the future with faith, confidence, and hope. 


“Don’t forget to do good and to share what you have because God is pleased with these kinds of sacrifices.” 

– Hebrews 13:16

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