Oct 03, 2023 . 8 months ago

Autumn Leaves Us Overflowing with Gratitude

As autumn softly breezes into the United States, many are feeling grateful for pumpkin spice, football, and forests bursting with gold & crimson leaves. All good stuff, but at LiveBeyond, our gratitude overflows for our amazing donors who have made a huge impact on the lives of people in Haiti and Israel this year. 

Thank you, from LiveBeyond and all those whose lives you’ve touched, for your generosity. From providing food and water to education and healthcare, you are changing individual lives and whole communities. You may think of your donations in terms of money, but to those in the LiveBeyond communities, they are blessings that lift them up from poverty, sickness, and oppression.  

YOU are the reason:

– Parents don’t have to watch their children go hungry, with no means to provide.

– Children with disabilities receive medical attention and physical therapy.

– People have a place to gather for worship services.

– Babies are born healthy instead of disabled or stillborn.

 – Barren land became a thriving farm that helps feed a community.

 – Children can attend school and receive a good education.

For people living in Haiti, where violence and poverty run rampant, these blessings mean more than you could ever imagine. And for those in our Israel community, just outside Jerusalem, your donations provide much needed hope amidst the brutality and chaos in which they live. Here are just a few of this year’s donor-funded miracles – miracles in which God used you to make this world a better place: 

In Haiti

School: – The LiveBeyond School and Johnny’s Kids school for children with disabilities nurture children in the Thomazeau community, providing them with a Christian-led, tuition-free education and food. Thanks to our donors, we added a 12th grade this year, and are able to provide our students, teachers and staff with two nutritious meals per day. Additionally, our 27 teachers have books and other resources to provide a high-quality education. We are grateful to our excellent teachers and the dedication of our students, who have a 100% exam passing rate. Due to the medical attention and therapy offered in our Johnny’s Kids program, children’s mobilization is increasing. Several students have been able to transition into the LiveBeyond school. 

Maternal Health Program: With abundant gratitude, we’re happy to tell you our Haitian doctors, nurses, and staff are providing high-quality medical care to 1,400 mothers in Thomazeau. Your donations cover their prenatal visits, maternal supplements, nutritional support, and maternal health education. As a result, the maternal mortality rate in Thomazeau has decreased by 73% and, 264 healthy babies were born in 2022. 

Food and Water: Food and water shortages are key reasons many Haitians do not receive adequate nutrition, which leads to declines in physical and mental health. LiveBeyond analyzed the need, causes, and potential resources to determine the best use of your donations. Now 100% of the people of Thomazeau, Haiti, and portions of the surrounding areas receive clean water from 97 pumps installed and managed by LiveBeyond. But water alone can’t keep people healthy and thriving, people need food. That is why LiveBeyond has an amazing partnership with Convoy of Hope. Convoy of Hope provides 146 boxes of food weekly that contain 15 thousand meals. Combined with food from the LiveBeyond Farm, it is enough to feed students and staff in 15 schools. As well as, meals for all the mothers in the Maternal Health Program.

In Israel

School: Children in the Johnny’s Kids program receive education, medical care, and physical and speech therapy. In this area, people with disabilities are often neglected or ostracized. Medical care does far more than help with physical problems. Medical care changes a person’s present and future life in unimaginable ways. This summer, our Johnny’s Kids students in Israel attended their first summer camp! 

Food: Like their peers in Haiti, children in the Johnny’s Kids program enjoy two healthy meals per day. LiveBeyond knows food is necessary for growth, wellness, focusing and learning. We’re grateful our donors understand these needs and willingly contribute to helping children in this impoverished, war-torn area. 

As autumn brings its cooler temperatures and golden hues, LiveBeyond stops to look back at the year. We are overflowing with gratitude for our donors and the way God uses you to impact lives. Please continue to live beyond yourself and give hope today. Together, we can change the world, one life at a time. 

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