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Black Maternal Health Week: A Critical Focus for Global Well-Being

In a few months, during the month of April, we find a week that is both somber and inspiring: Black Maternal Health Week. LiveBeyond understands the profound significance of this week as one of our key programs focuses on providing maternal health services to women in rural Haiti. 

Our mission, to provide healthcare, nutrition, and education to women and children globally, aligns closely with the objectives of this observance. Why is Black Maternal Health Week important, and why must we focus on Black maternal health? The answers are rooted in both compassion and urgency founded on evidence-based data.

Understanding Black Maternal Health Week

This incredibly important week, observed annually from April 11-17, was founded by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance. It’s a time dedicated to amplifying the voices of Black mothers and highlighting the issues they face in healthcare systems. This week is not just about awareness; it’s a call to action for improved healthcare policies and practices that support Black maternal health.

The Stark Reality

The reason behind this dedicated week is stark and unsettling. In the United States, Black women are three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white women. This disparity isn’t just a statistic; it’s a reflection of systemic inequalities and biases in healthcare. 

Globally, the situation mirrors these disparities, with women in developing countries facing even greater risks. This is exactly why we focus on maternal and child health at LiveBeyond. Our Maternal Healthcare Program serves thousands of women and children every week, providing them with quality medical care, prenatal vitamins, nutritious food, and maternal health education. 

Why Focus on Black Maternal Health?

Focusing on Black maternal health is crucial for several reasons:

Health Equity: Every woman, regardless of race or background, deserves access to quality maternal healthcare. Addressing the disparities in Black maternal health is a step towards health equity for all.

Community Impact: Mothers are often the backbone of families and communities. By ensuring the health of Black mothers, we are supporting the well-being of entire communities.

Breaking Cycles of Poverty: Poor maternal health can be both a cause and a consequence of poverty. By improving maternal health, we can break cycles of poverty and open doors to a better future for children.

Reflecting Faith in Action: At LiveBeyond, our faith calls us to love and serve the most vulnerable. Addressing Black maternal health is a profound way to live out this calling.

LiveBeyond’s Role and Vision

As an organization, LiveBeyond is deeply committed to improving maternal health among the most vulnerable populations. Our approach includes:

Education and Awareness: Spreading knowledge about the importance of maternal health and the specific challenges faced by Black women.

Healthcare Support: Providing access to quality healthcare, including prenatal and postnatal care, to women in underserved communities.

Nutrition Programs: Ensuring mothers and their babies receive the nutrition needed for a healthy start.

Advocacy: Working alongside policymakers and healthcare providers to bring about systemic changes that support Black maternal health.

This is a crucial time for reflection, awareness, and action. It reminds us of the ongoing struggle for health equity and the vital role we all play in this journey for women and their unborn children. 

At LiveBeyond, we are dedicated to this cause, driven by our faith and commitment to serve. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Black mothers and their families, creating a healthier, more equitable world for all.


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