Sep 19, 2023 . 2 months ago

How To Address A Food Crisis

Feeding three thousand children per day, five days a week, is no easy task in a country where nearly half of the population is starving due to the food crisis. According to a UN...

Sep 12, 2023 . 3 months ago

Water Crisis in Haiti

 Water Crisis in Haiti We turn on the faucet and, without a second thought, use water to quench our thirst, boil pasta, or wash the dog. Sometimes we just let it flow down the ...

Sep 05, 2023 . 3 months ago

LiveBeyond’s 2023 School Fundraiser: A Huge Success

Because You Gave to the 2023 School Fundraiser: - Impoverished children will receive a Christian-led, tuition-free education. - The new 12th grade is open to students. - ...

Aug 29, 2023 . 3 months ago

Help LiveBeyond Students Succeed!

Imagine a world where you passionately want to learn, desperately need an education to escape the cycle of poverty … and can’t because there’s no money for school. No money to p...

Aug 22, 2023 . 3 months ago

Education & Friendship: LiveBeyond Students Helping Each Other Succeed

The 2023 School Fundraiser is going strong and we are thrilled to see the support! The LiveBeyond family is truly remarkable. LiveBeyond is encouraged by your generosity and sup...

Aug 16, 2023 . 4 months ago

The LiveBeyond School is Growing!

The 2023 School Fundraiser is well on its way, and LiveBeyond thanks everyone who has already donated! Your gifts provide free and high-quality Christian education to the childr...

Aug 08, 2023 . 4 months ago

One Student’s Story: Dedication to education in Haiti

As we enter our second week of the 2023 School Fundraiser, LiveBeyond wants to give you an inside look into how your support is making a positive impact in the lives of Haitian ...

Aug 01, 2023 . 4 months ago

Making Education in Haiti Accessible

It is a widely held belief that education is a stepping stone to opportunities, success, and good quality of life. Education impacts family stability and growth, as well as the ...

Jul 25, 2023 . 4 months ago

Combating Malnutrition in Haiti

Haiti Today LiveBeyond would love to say conditions are improving in Haiti - and there have certainly been steps forward and lives saved –  but most of the country is stuck in ...

Jul 18, 2023 . 4 months ago

Clean Water is Desperately Needed in Haiti

Haiti’s Water Conditions Haitians desperately need access to clean water. Their water system is in a downward spiral, especially in rural areas, where people do not have a reli...

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