Feb 06, 2024 . 2 months ago

Black Maternal Health In Haiti: The LiveBeyond Model of Actionable Change

In a world that grapples with a multitude of health disparities, the challenges faced by black mothers, particularly in under-resourced regions, stand out starkly. The need for ...

Nov 14, 2023 . 5 months ago

Maternal Health: Supporting Women and Children in Underserved Communities

What is it about infants that bring us so much joy? So fresh from Heaven, their innocence and fragility compel us to protect them from harm, sickness and even hurt feelings. We ...

May 09, 2023 . 11 months ago

Improving Access to Quality Maternal Healthcare

Mother’s Day is a special day that honors and celebrates mothers. It is a day to recognize the critical role that mothers play in the life of their families, communities & s...

May 03, 2023 . 12 months ago

Creating Success for Maternal Health in Haiti

LiveBeyond believes that positive change is possible for at-risk populations. We are committed to helping women, children, and their families thrive through access to nutritiona...

Apr 19, 2023 . 12 months ago

4th Annual Mother’s Day Campaign

LiveBeyond is excited to launch our 4th Annual Mother’s Day Campaign today! For four years now, LiveBeyond has held a Mother’s Day Campaign to raise funds for specific necessit...

Apr 04, 2023 . 1 year ago

National Public Health Week

This week is National Public Health Week. A time to bring attention to the important role healthcare and nutrition play in people’s overall health. It is also a time to recogniz...

Mar 08, 2023 . 1 year ago

International Women’s Day: Empowering Women and Girls to Build a Better Future

Happy International Women's Day! As we celebrate International Women's Day, LiveBeyond wants to take a moment to celebrate the incredible women and girls we have had the privil...

Feb 07, 2023 . 1 year ago

Keeping Infant Health a Top Priority

When it comes to children, there is no question that every child is a precious gift. We believe that it is our duty to care for them to the best of our ability. We must ensure t...

Dec 13, 2022 . 1 year ago

Improving Quality of Life

Somehow it is already December, and Christmas is just around the corner, which means end-of-year giving is here too. So many amazing supporters are remarkably generous during th...

Dec 07, 2022 . 1 year ago

A LiveBeyond Haiti & Israel Update

We are thrilled to give you an update on LiveBeyond operations in both Haiti and Israel. Our teams have been hard at work in both locations, and David and Laurie just recently r...

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