May 30, 2023 . 3 days ago

Improving Quality of Life: A Haiti and Israel Update

LiveBeyond continues to work hard to help at-risk populations experience a higher quality of life in Haiti and Israel. LiveBeyond cannot express enough thanks to all of our Live...

Mar 14, 2023 . 3 months ago

Celebrating World Water Day

Next week, on March 22, the world will come together to observe World Water Day. The United Nations designated this day in 1993 to draw attention to the water and sanitation cri...

Jan 17, 2023 . 5 months ago

January is National Poverty Awareness Month

National Poverty Awareness Month (NPAM) is a time the U.S. takes to recognize the challenges of living in poverty and support those struggling to make ends meet. During NPAM, we...

Jan 10, 2023 . 5 months ago

Remembering the 2010 Haiti Earthquake

This week will be the 13th anniversary of the January 12th, 2010, Haiti earthquake that turned Port-au-Prince into rubble and caused unbelievable loss and destruction throughout...

Jan 03, 2023 . 5 months ago

Happy New Year from LiveBeyond

Happy New Year! We begin this year with thankful hearts. Also, we are beyond excited to continue serving the people of Thomazeau, Haiti, and Jerusalem, Israel, together! We pray...

Nov 22, 2022 . 6 months ago

A LiveBeyond Success Story

The best place we can go to for examples of how to care for and serve people is in scripture. In the Bible, time after time, we see how Jesus spoke the gospel message and tended...

Nov 16, 2022 . 7 months ago

LiveBeyond: Our Impact in 2022

As the year comes to an end, we want to give you an overview of each of LiveBeyond’s programs and the amazing impact you have helped us make in 2022. This year has been the most...

Nov 01, 2022 . 7 months ago

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and we want to take the time to recognize its importance. Down Syndrome is a genetic condition that causes developmental delays, intell...

Aug 09, 2022 . 10 months ago

Access to Education & Haiti School Stats

Education is a basic necessity of human life. When we think of human needs, we often think of food, clean water, and a safe place to sleep, but education is often forgotten as a...

Aug 03, 2022 . 10 months ago

2022 LiveBeyond School Fundraiser

Today, we are excited to launch the 2022 School Fundraiser! Since the LiveBeyond school started in 2019, we have added new grades, classes, and teachers and grown the number of ...

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