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Celebrating International Day of Education

Happy International Day of Education! Today the world celebrates how far we have come in education. It acknowledges education needs a transformation if we are to provide quality education for children of all ages around the world. The International Day of Education began on January 24, 2018, to bring awareness to the number of unschooled children worldwide and the relationship between quality education and the ability to survive and thrive in communities. In this fifth year of celebrating the International Day of Education, LiveBeyond is committed to providing a high-quality education for the children and youth of Thomazeau, Haiti.

The United Nations and its member states created the International Day of Education because too many children around the world do not have access to quality education. According to the UN, “today, 244 million children and youth are out of school, and 771 million adults are illiterate.” The UN understands the prosperity of an economy, the well-being of social structures, and the potential of communities are tied to education. Also, the United Nations recognizes “that education plays a key role in building sustainable and resilient societies.” The world’s efforts to this day have not made it possible for all children to get an education. The sad truth is that millions of children do not have access to education. 

Haiti & Education

When children do not receive an education, what they can contribute to society as adults are limited. The potential of children and communities is stunted when there is no access to a quality education. Often a lack of education snowballs into poverty. LiveBeyond has seen this to be true in Haiti. When Haitian children reach adulthood without an education, they are either left without a job or with low-paying jobs. With no job or a low paying one, these young adults do not have money for food, housing, or health needs. They also don’t contribute to economic and social growth. A lack of education in Haiti is perpetuating poverty. But this doesn’t have to be the case for Haiti in the future. LiveBeyond believes education is instrumental in improving the quality of life of Haitians and their communities. 

For the people of Haiti, education can be a step out of the cycle of poverty. We see the struggles they are facing, but we also see the remarkable potential of the children and youth of Thomazeau, and we believe that a quality education can make a positive difference and open doors of opportunity. Also, this is why the LiveBeyond school and the Johny’s Kids Program are committed to providing an excellent education for children of all abilities. LiveBeyond is driven to create positive change in education in Haiti. 

LiveBeyond Providing Quality Education

When students receive an education at the LiveBeyond school, they will be better prepared to pursue higher education and quality jobs with good wages. With your help and support, we have built the LiveBeyond School and Johnny’s Kids program and can employ Haitian teachers and staff. All LiveBeyond students receive an excellent, well-rounded education from local Haitian teachers that will, in turn, create positive opportunities and have a long-term impact on their personal lives and community.

LiveBeyond is excited to improve and increase our education efforts in Haiti in 2023! With your help and support, we have accomplished a lot in the last ten years. We also have begun disrupting the cycle of poverty in Thomazeau, Haiti. The local Haitian staff is creating opportunities for children, women, and their families to experience an improved quality of life. 

Praying for Education

So, on this International Day of Education, we ask that you join us in renewing your commitment to decreasing the unschooled numbers in Haiti. Partner with us to pray for Haiti’s education system, the LiveBeyond School, and the Johny’s Kids Program. Join us in praying for:

– God to give teachers and staff wisdom and love for their students.

– teachers to feel a renewed and refreshed love and joy in teaching.

– all Haitian children and youth would be able to attend school.

– students to have a safe and loving school environment.

– students to learn and have more opportunities for higher education

Looking to the Future

Education must be prioritized if we want to see individuals and communities escape the cycle of poverty. This International Day of Education is a reminder that there is still a lot of work ahead. Too many children & youth around the world cannot read or do simple math because they don’t have access to education. Without improved access to quality education, individuals, families, and communities will continue to struggle in poverty.

A school is not a babysitter. School is more than a fun place to play; it is more than a job. A school is where children receive an education that will be the foundation for everything they do. Quality education can open doors to higher education, jobs, financial stability, economic growth, and enhanced social structures. The complex cycle of poverty can be broken when a child receives a good education that creates positive opportunities for their future. 

LiveBeyond is dedicated to providing an exceptional education to all children of all abilities in Thomazeau, Haiti. We firmly believe that a quality education increases positive opportunities. Also, the benefits of a good education can be seen throughout an individual’s entire life and the life of a community. Together we are creating a positive impact on education in Haiti. 

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