Mar 14, 2023 . 1 year ago

Celebrating World Water Day

Next week, on March 22, the world will come together to observe World Water Day. The United Nations designated this day in 1993 to draw attention to the water and sanitation crisis. According to the U.N., “dysfunction throughout the water cycle undermines progress on all major global issues, from health to hunger, gender equality to jobs, education to industry, and disasters to peace.”

The truth 30 years after the start of this initiative is there are still billions of people who lack access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation. This year’s theme, Be the Change, highlights the fact that every person can do their part to make a positive difference in the clean water crisis. 

One place where access to clean water has been a challenge for a long time is Haiti. The people of Haiti have struggled to access clean water for drinking and sanitation for many years. And the 2010 and later earthquakes only made matters worse. Unclean water and improper sanitation are the cause of widespread disease and malnutrition in Haiti. 

According to the World Bank, “more than half of the country’s rural population still lacks access to drinkable water, while only about one-third of Haitians have access to basic sanitation.”

The overwhelming need in Haiti and a love for its people is why LiveBeyond stayed in Haiti. Your support and help have made it possible for LiveBeyond to make a significant difference in the lives of the people of Thomazeau, Haiti. Because of faithful prayers and generous donations, in 2015 LiveBeyond was able to drill and purify 46 wells to provide clean water access to our target area. The LiveBeyond base also provides clean water for all staff, students, and hospital patients. 

Together we are changing the water story of the Thomazeau community. 

Thanks to the generosity of our LiveBeyond family, LiveBeyond can say that 100% of the Thomazeau community has access to clean water. This has had a tremendous impact on the community. The result is a decrease in the spread of water-borne and improper sanitation diseases and sickness.

The ripple effect of access to clean water is also worth mentioning. Healthy children can attend school and improve their education and job opportunities. Healthy women have healthier pregnancies and babies. And healthy families & communities experience an increased quality of life that can lead to a more robust workforce & economy.

Together, through our clean water initiative, we are helping the Thomazeau community become healthy and self-sufficient. With access to clean water, they can improve their lives and create a better future for themselves and their children.

LiveBeyond cannot thank you enough for your generous giving to improve & maintain access to clean water in Thomazeau, Haiti. Your support is helping create a long-term positive impact on the Thomazeau community. We are grateful for your commitment to Be the Change.

Access to clean water is not just a basic human need but a human right. And LiveBeyond will continue to work to increase access to clean water and proper sanitation in Haiti and around the world. On this World Water Day, let us continue to work towards making clean water accessible to everyone, everywhere. Let us continue to Be the Change that makes access to clean water and sanitation possible for people who need it most.

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