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Are you looking for a new CSR partner?

Do you want your company to create positive impact on a global scale?

Are your employees interested in supporting
underserved communities?

Do you want your company to be viewed as socially responsible?

Do you need help meeting and exceeding CSR expectations?

Is your company committed to making a sustainable difference in the world?

Ways You Can Make A Lasting Impact


Maternal & Child Health

Empower thousands of women and children by providing life-saving healthcare services. Our medical staff operate in clinics and hospitals in underserved regions in Haiti & Israel.


Food Distribution

There are still billions of people in the world without access to adequate nutrition. Be apart of the change by participating in our food and nutrition outreach programs.



Education is one of the most reliable paths to break cycles of poverty. Our programs include a K-12 school, special needs education, job training & medical education for our healthcare staff.

Accelerate Your Company’s Impact


1. Schedule A Call

Talk to one of our team members to learn more about how you can make a real impact through LiveBeyond’s programs in Haiti & Israel.


2. Become a Corporate Partner

Take your company’s CSR initiatives to the next level and participate in providing lifesaving healthcare, nutrition & education for women and children in need.


3. Leave a Lasting IMPACT

Get your organization, team members, and other stakeholders involved in global change. Imagine the impact we can create through a collaborative partnership.

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Corporations Are Under Enormous Pressure

We know that corporations feel enormous pressure when it comes to growth, their public image, and now corporate social responsibility.

The problem is that CSR initiatives can feel confusing and distracting from your company’s primary mission. On top of that, it can be difficult to know who to trust as a CSR partner.

At LiveBeyond, we understand the tension companies feel and we want to relieve any concerns you have about your company’s social responsibility efforts.

Our mission is to provide Healthcare, Nutrition, & Education to women and children throughout the world.

LiveBeyond was founded by Dr. David & Laurie Vanderpool in 2005 in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Over the next five years, the LiveBeyond’s mission was to provide quick response surgical care to disaster zones throughout the world.

In 2010, everything changed. A massive earthquake struck Haiti and impacted the lives of millions of Haitians. After the initial disaster response, it was clear that LiveBeyond needed to change its mission in order to provide sustainable care in Haiti.

In 2011, LiveBeyond’s mission transformed from disaster relief to long-term community development.

Since, 2011, LiveBeyond has partnered with industry leading companies like:

  • HCA Healthcare
  • Great Southern Wood
  • Medical Properties Trust
  • Vitamin Angels
  • Steward Healthcare
  • Food for the Poor
  • Baylor Scott & White
  • And many more

Our partners are making a measurable difference in the lives of thousands of people throughout the world.

We would be honored to help you do the same.

How Companies Like Yours
Are Changing Lives



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