Dec 27, 2022 . 2 years ago

Creating a Lasting Difference in Haiti & Israel

What an amazing year we had in 2022! This year has been extraordinary. Because of your encouragement and support, LiveBeyond has made a positive difference in the lives of children, women, and their families in Thomazeau, Haiti, and on the outskirts of Jerusalem. This year is one to celebrate, and we celebrate with you! Without each one of you, LiveBeyond would not have been able to do so much. This year has gone by so fast that it’s hard to believe it’s almost over. As we look to the start of 2023, we are beyond encouraged and excited. Together, we can help even more people move out of the cycle of poverty in 2023! 

We are grateful to all of our LiveBeyond family, who have supported our efforts like never before. Because of your partnership with LiveBeyond, 2022 has been our most impactful year! That means in 2022, people in Haiti and Israel experienced positive outcomes because of the medical, education, and nutrition programs you supported. We would love for you to help us end 2022 stronger than ever and launch into 2023 with great momentum! Our End-of-Year Campaign is in full swing with only a few days remaining. But it’s not too late to make a donation that will help make a difference in the lives of so many. Click here to donate today! 

As you probably already know, many obstacles keep people in Haiti in a cycle of poverty. 

– A lack of access to quality education keeps children from getting quality jobs that provide financial stability as adults. Through our education efforts, LiveBeyond provides children with an excellent education that will improve their opportunities for higher education and quality jobs. 

– Another obstacle is a lack of nutritional food and clean water. Too many children and women suffer from unclean water-born diseases, hunger, and the effects of malnutrition. Our clean water initiative provides clean water for all of our target area in Thomazeau.  The nutrition program offers nutrition-packed meals to thousands of children and women. Recipients of meals are overall healthier and experience fewer malnutrition complications.  

– Individuals also experience a lack of access to medical services. Pregnant women and their infants are suffering from treatable complications and preventable deaths. Through our medical efforts, mothers have healthier pregnancies and deliveries, and infants are born healthier. 

When you give to LiveBeyond, you are helping disrupt the poverty cycle in Haiti. With your help, we are committed to providing the people of Haiti with nutritional, educational, and medical support that creates positive outcomes. Together, we are creating opportunities for positive long-term impact. Click here to make an End-of-Year donation. 

 In Israel, individuals with disabilities and their families also face many different hardships and struggles. 

– Individuals with disabilities and their families are shunned and excluded from society. This type of rejection leads these families into a cycle of poverty. LiveBeyond is coming alongside these families to love them and support them with the necessary resources.

– These families cannot provide financially for themselves, suffer from hunger, and the family members with a disability do not receive any treatment or opportunity to learn and grow. Through our nutritional efforts, we are providing families with nutritious meals that will improve their overall health. The Johnny’s Kids program in Israel is helping provide individuals with disabilities with a loving space for therapies and learning.

When you give to LiveBeyond, you are helping us come alongside families in Israel and offer them nutritional and medical services. With your support, we can continue to grow our efforts in Israel and provide more people with disabilities and their families with the resources they need. Click here to make an End-of-Year donation.

In 2022, with your support, we created positive change that will have a long-term impact on Haiti & Isreal. Your prayers and donations have allowed us to continue and grow our nutrition, education, and medical efforts. Your support has helped do all of this:

– For 4 years, the LiveBeyond School and its outstanding Haitian teachers and staff have provided an excellent education for children in the Thomezeau community.

– For 4 years, the Johnny’s Kids Program has provided Thomazeau’s children with special needs a nurturing space to learn and grow.

– Schooling for  180 students enrolled in the LiveBeyond School and 30 students in the Johnny’s Kids Program in Haiti.

– Launching the Johnny’s Kids Program Israel!

– For 10 years, the Maternal Health Program has been improving mother and infant health through medical and nutrition services and education.

Maternal mortality has decreased b 73%

Infant mortality has decreased by 50%

– Maternal, medical, and nutritional services for 2,010 mothers and 178 new babies born in the Maternal Health Program.

– Water wells increasing access to drinking water and decreasing water born diseases! 

100% of our target area in Thomazeau has safe, clean drinking water

– The Nutrition Program has provided nutrition-packed meals through area schools, churches, and the Maternal Health Program.

– Provide the food more than 7,000 healthy meals each weekday in Haiti

– Provide nutritious meals to 70 families in Israel

– Continued employment and steady salaries for 115 LiveBeyond employees

Overall, individuals’ quality of life is being improved and transformed! This list could go on for a lot longer because we could share so many incredible details and stories. If you have ever prayed for or donated to LiveBeyond, you are a part of all this positive change. Together, we are making a remarkable difference in the lives of people who genuinely need to experience the love of Jesus and a helping hand. 

We invite you to be a part of making a long-term difference in the lives of women, children, & their families. When you give to the End-of-Year Campaign, you join our nutrition, education, and medical efforts to improve the quality of life for women, children, and their families in the Thomazeau community and on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Live beyond yourself today so others can live beyond poverty! Click here to make an End-of-Year donation.

LiveBeyond family, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and encouragement. Looking back at 2022, we are encouraged to continue into 2023 with greater love, compassion, and dedication to creating a more positive impact for the people of Haiti and Israel. Thank you for your continued support over many years. We are confident that together we can create even more positive impact over the next ten years and beyond!

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