Feb 14, 2023 . 1 year ago

Creating Stability: Building Sustainable Communities

Economic instability in Haiti stems greatly from devastating unemployment and insufficient market conditions. This issue is part of the problem with the cycle of poverty in Haiti. Since LiveBeyond has started its work in Thomazeau, our goal has been for the base of operations to be fully run by local staff to help create more stability in the Thomazeau community. We are proud to say, we reached that goal in 2019!

You Have Made The Difference

Your donations matter. You have helped the base become fully operational by the local staff. Without your support, we would not be able to create & sustain the salaries for these jobs. You have helped create jobs that have an impact on families, individuals, and the entire community. A base fully operational by the local staff means creating more economic stability for the Thomazeau community. The LiveBeyond base provides jobs that allow families to have the financial stability to buy food, pay for housing, and live more stable lives.

Your Impact On The Community

The community also benefits because families are receiving free health care. This allows them to live healthier lives. On top of that, children are able to receive free education through the LiveBeyond school. With this invaluable education, children will be able to obtain better jobs and provide more stability to their community. In addition to receiving free education, children with disabilities are being loved and cared for through the Johnny’s Kids program.

We Cannot Thank You Enough

When you give to LiveBeyond, you can know that you are making a difference for an entire community. We thank you for your generosity in helping create a stronger Thomazeau region! Be sure you check out the LiveBeyond podcast. You can find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. You can also stream our podcast on our YouTube channel. Check it out today! Make sure you also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter to stay up to date with the latest at LiveBeyond.

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