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Creating Success for Maternal Health in Haiti

LiveBeyond believes that positive change is possible for at-risk populations. We are committed to helping women, children, and their families thrive through access to nutritional support, healthcare, and education. All people deserve to be healthy and reach their full potential. And as Christians, God has called us to love and serve those in need. 

The Maternal Health Program is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare, nutrition-packed food, and maternal health education to mothers during pregnancy, delivery, and after delivery. We also provide healthcare and nutritional support to infants through the child’s first one-thousand days. The Maternal Health doctors and nurses work hard every day to improve the health and quality of life of the mothers and children in the community. LiveBeyond is seeing transformational change take place because of that. Maternal and infant mortality rates are dropping, and mothers and children are experiencing better health outcomes and a higher quality of life. The Maternal Health Program is creating a positive impact on moms, children, and the Thomazeau community that will last for generations.

And LiveBeyond could not do this without you! The support, prayer, and encouragement from all of LiveBeyond’s supporters make the work possible. Because of your support, women and children in the Maternal Health Program receive nutrition-packed meals, high-quality healthcare, and maternal health education. But most importantly, they hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and experience his love. Thank you for your generosity, faithful support, and encouragement.

To help you see the remarkable change you are making possible, LiveBeyond wants to share a story from Thomazeau, Haiti, with you. 

This is Esterline’s story. 

When LiveBeyond met Esterline, she was having an extremely hard time raising her family and making ends meet. She was a young woman who had been abused and abandoned by two men in her life and was now raising two children and expecting her third child on her own. Along with other life difficulties, Esterline also suffered from mental health issues and often begged for food from her neighbors to feed her children. 

A LiveBeyond Church deacon recognized Esterline needed help, so he brought her to the Maternal Health Program. When Esterline entered the program, she was four months pregnant, weighed 92 pounds, and had an extremely low blood pressure of 90/50. Esterline walked very long distances every day and was mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted.

Like all other women in the Maternal Health Program, Esterline received food, medications, weekly check-ups, hygiene supplies, and maternal education. However, the LiveBeyond nurses and doctors recognized that Esterline’s condition required extensive care. So, the program director began visiting Esterline’s house on a regular basis (up to five times a week) and educated Esterline in hygiene and childcare. Esterline was taught how to bathe her children, how to safeguard her home so that her children wouldn’t harm themselves, and how to cook and clean. Esterline’s neighbors were encouraged to monitor and support her in these regards. She experienced the love of God through the LiveBeyond staff and was also told about the transformational love and power of Jesus Christ.

When it was time to deliver her baby, Esterline had gained 28 pounds, and she delivered a small but healthy baby boy! Esterline continues to bring all her children to the LiveBeyond clinic every week to receive food, counseling, and maternal education. The Maternal Health Program director also continues to visit Esterline’s home on a weekly basis, giving her encouragement and counsel.

Esterline and her family have already come a long way. Their health and quality of life have improved. And the Maternal Health Program staff will continue to be there for her, to walk alongside her and her children and provide them with healthcare, nutritious food, and support. But most importantly, they will love them and share the hope and joy of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

The Work You Are Supporting

This is the type of life-changing work that your support makes possible! Esterline’s story highlights how the Maternal Health Program is changing lives and spreading the hope of Jesus Christ. When you donate to LiveBeyond, you are partnering with the Maternal Health Program staff to share the love of Jesus and provide quality healthcare, nutritional support, and maternal health education to the moms and children of Thomazeau, Haiti. If you would like to support the Maternal Health Program this Mother’s Day, you can donate to the Mother’s Day Campaign here.

For four years now, LiveBeyond has held a Mother’s Day Campaign to raise funds for specific necessities that increase and improve how LiveBeyond serves mothers and children in Thomazeau. This year the maternal health program is implementing adult and childhood vaccinations! During the Mother’s Day Campaign, you can help LiveBeyond expand the vaccination services so we can continue to save more lives and help create a healthier community.

When you give to the 2023 Mother’s Day Campaign, your donation will go towards

– Purchasing specialized equipment for proper storage of the vaccinations

– Hiring new medical staff to provide and manage the vaccination services

– Purchasing vaccinations through 2023 

Donate Today

We will not stand for mothers and children to continue to struggle and suffer in a cycle of poverty. Too many mothers and children around the world still do not have access to adequate healthcare and proper nutrition. And too many mothers and children die from preventable or treatable complications. We must continue to do more to love and serve those who need it most. As Christians, God has called us to this.

Together we can help more mothers and children in Haiti experience a better quality of life. And together, we can create a long-term, positive impact that transforms the entire community. When mothers and children are healthy and thriving, society benefits from it, and communities are stronger for it. Donate to the Mother’s Day Campaign today to help the Thomazeau community become healthier and stronger. 

Donate Today!

Thank you for choosing to live beyond yourself so that mothers like Esterline get the love, help, and support they need for themselves and their children to be healthy and thrive.

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