Aug 10, 2021 . 3 years ago

Creating Success Through the Johnny’s Kids Program!

We take great pride in serving students of all abilities at the LiveBeyond school in the Johnny’s Kids program. 

In fact, we are the only school in our area of Thomazeau, Haiti that provides an inclusive environment for children with special needs. At LiveBeyond we believe every child deserves the equal opportunity for a quality education and we will continue to be the leading example for our community. 

The Johnny’s Kids program at the LiveBeyond school brings about a lot of joy and provides great success in many of the students’ lives. You can help us impact these wonderful children by sponsoring one of the 25 Johnny’s Kids students for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Click here to sponsor a student

– Sponsor a student’s uniforms: $65

– Sponsor a student’s curriculum: $100

– Sponsor a student’s curriculum & uniforms: $165

– Sponsor a classroom of 15 students’ uniforms: $975

– Sponsor a classroom of 15 students curriculum: $1500

– Sponsor a classroom of 15 students with curriculum & uniforms: $2475 


The success of the Johnny’s Kids students is greatly attributed to the LiveBeyond staff. They demonstrate their love for God by serving their neighbors. A great example of this is when the LiveBeyond School director found a little boy in his neighborhood in October 2020. 

When he found the boy, he was unable to walk and didn’t talk much either. The child’s family tended to him throughout the day while he sat on a mat under a tree wearing only a t-shirt. The school director immediately took steps for enrollment into the LiveBeyond Johnny’s Kids program for this young boy. 


johnny's kids


Since enrollment in the LiveBeyond school, this little guy and his family have seen great improvement in life! He can now sit up on his own, feed himself, and properly use the bathroom. Also, he is learning to talk & even read! He loves his new friends at school! His family is so happy to have a school where he receives love from his teachers and fellow classmates. 

The LiveBeyond teachers have shown many of the families & the community how children of all abilities each deserve love & kindness. 

Help us continue to provide love, joy, and quality education to each of our 200 students at the LiveBeyond school! 

Sponsor a student today!

When you sponsor a student, you ensure they receive quality education at no cost to them. 

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