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Education & Friendship: LiveBeyond Students Helping Each Other Succeed

The 2023 School Fundraiser is going strong and we are thrilled to see the support! The LiveBeyond family is truly remarkable. LiveBeyond is encouraged by your generosity and support. To everyone who has already donated, we say thank you. LiveBeyond could not do the work we do without each of you. Your donations to the 2023 School Fundraiser will help LiveBeyond continue providing the Thomazeau area with access to a high-quality, Christian-led education at no cost to them. 

Increasing Access to Education

As you probably know by now, too many children in Haiti do not receive an education. School is often getting canceled and student’s educations are disrupted. Political instability, gang violence, natural disasters, and the inability to afford school tuition all prevent Haitian children from getting an education. That is why LiveBeyond is committed to increasing access to education in Haiti. By increasing access to a free, high-quality education, LiveBeyond is helping children reach their full potential and increasing their opportunities for success.   

You are making a difference in Haiti! LiveBeyond wants to make sure you know the positive impact you are helping create in Haiti. That is why we always look forward to sharing updates and success stories with you. Your prayers and financial support make a tangible difference in the lives of all of our students. So on days like today, it gives us great joy to share a story about the extraordinary students at the LiveBeyond School. 

Dukenson’s Story

LiveBeyond School

Dukenson began attending the LiveBeyond School because his mother got hired on as staff on the LiveBeyond base. While Dukenson’s mother works hard to keep the school building sparkling clean, Duekenson attends classes and studies hard with his classmates. 

When Dukenson joined the LiveBeyond School he entered into the 6th grade. Very quickly after starting at the LiveBeyond School, Dukenson made fast friends with another boy in his class. His new friend was named Pierre. Pierre began his education at LiveBeyond in the Johnny’s Kids program. Through hard work and dedication to his studies, Pierre mainstreamed to the school. Pierre is a great student, but because his legs never developed, he isn’t able to walk. Pierre also had the disadvantage of having an inconsistent education and due to the disruptions, he was behind in his grade. 

Because Dukenson’s mom works at LiveBeyond, Dukenson stays after school and waits for his mom to finish work, so they can walk home together. To the friend’s delight, Pierre also stays after school and waits for his motorcycle transportation to take him home. 

You might be thinking the two boys surely spend the extra time together after school, getting in some more playtime. And they do. But they also spend the time working on their studies. Without being asked, Dukenson began tutoring Pierre. Teachers find the two boys sitting on the tables in the school courtyard, reading books to one another. And at lunchtime, Dukenson gives Pierre a ride on his shoulders to the dining pavilion. 

The boy’s desire to learn and help each other do well in school is inspiring. Both boys are excellent students and are becoming young men of great character. What a testimony to the heart of God to put these two young men together as friends. 

Education is Making a Difference

As you can see, the LiveBeyond School is having a positive impact on Thomazeau. And the LiveBeyond School has been possible because of your support. Your generous contributions and faithful prayers have made the LiveBeyond School a reality for the children of Thomazeau, Haiti. As we begin our fifth year, LiveBeyond is more committed than ever to continue providing children in Haiti with free, high-quality education, but we can’t do it without you.

When you give to the 2023 School Fundraiser, you are helping the LiveBeyond School continue providing children with a space for learning and friendship. Your gifts make a tangible difference in the lives of all our students. This year, your donation to the 2023 School Fundraiser will go towards:

  • Student curriculum and books for all grades
  • Teacher and administrator salaries for the year
  • Nutritious meals for all students, teachers and staff

Support Our School

LiveBeyond believes education is a catalyst for positive change. That is why LiveBeyond is committed to providing free, high-quality education to children in Haiti. All children deserve access to education in order to reach their full potential. LiveBeyond is excited to let you know that this year, for the first time, the LiveBeyond School will be adding 12th grade. The LiveBeyond School is proud to offer the Thomazeau area, K-12th grade classes! 

Making a Lasting Impact

The LiveBeyond School is dedicated to education and has high standards. But we also work hard to be a place where students learn to be kind, respectful, helpful and caring. We want students to grow up and be women and men of great faith, good character and love. Dukenson and Pierre are setting a wonderful example for us to follow.

Together we can continue to create a positive impact on the lives of children in Haiti through education. Without your support, stories like Dukenson and Pierres would not be possible. Join us in increasing access to education and helping the children of Haiti reach their full potential. Give to the 2023 School Fundraiser and be a part of creating lasting change in Thomazeau, Haiti. 

Support Our School

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