Aug 29, 2023 . 10 months ago

Help LiveBeyond Students Succeed!

Imagine a world where you passionately want to learn, desperately need an education to escape the cycle of poverty … and can’t because there’s no money for school. No money to pay teachers. No money for books. This is the world many children in Haiti live in, but here’s what you did: you changed it and started a domino effect that is impacting a whole community.

Your Generosity

Your generous donations have funded the LiveBeyond School, where kids receive an education and parents experience something they hadn’t felt in a long time: HOPE. With school in the equation, they can see a future for their children that doesn’t include the suffering that comes with extreme poverty. Graduates can get jobs that help their families acquire basic necessities like food, shelter, and healthcare. Your donations also give our teachers the resources they need to plan lessons, instruct students, administer tests and make a living to help support their families. Because of your donations, the staff and students also benefit from nutritious meals provided by the LiveBeyond School. And this coming school year, for the first time, the LiveBeyond School will have a 12th grade! 

YOU did that, and now we are asking this: will you do it again? Will you keep the Thomazeau kids in school with great teachers, textbooks, protection from the violence around them, and the nutrition they need to stay healthy and focused on their studies? In short, will you once again give them hope and a future? 

Last Week of the 2023 School Fundraiser

The LiveBeyond School Fundraiser ends Aug. 31. Donations received will be used for: 

– Student curriculum and books for all grades.

– Teacher and administrator salaries for the year.  

– Nutritious meals for all students, teachers and staff. 

Whether you have donated in the past or are new to the LiveBeyond Family, you are who and what we need to make the next two days count. You are our hope for providing hope to Haitian children and their parents. What do they hope for? The same thing as all parents everywhere who love their children: a better future for their kids

Why We Do It 

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” There were no caveats about which children, where they lived, their ethnicity, beliefs, or economic status. Clearly, he loves them all. Every. Single. One. We are asking you to do the same. Please prayerfully consider this request, and know that whatever you decide, LiveBeyond is grateful for all the ways you have impacted the children of Thomazeau with your support. 

Too many children in Haiti do not have access to a reliable and high-quality education. Without an education, children do not learn the skills nor receive the tools they need to succeed in life. LiveBeyond is dedicated to providing a high-quality, Christian-led education that will create positive opportunities for our student’s success and benefit the entire community.

Together we are helping the children of Haiti experience a higher quality of life through education. Thank you for helping LiveBeyond create a long-lasting, positive impact in Thomazeau, Haiti.

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