Aug 24, 2021 . 3 years ago

Empowered Students Succeed | LiveBeyond School

There is only one short week and a half until the LiveBeyond School Fundraiser is complete. We still need your help to sponsor a student! We are getting so close to all 200 students receiving a sponsorship for their uniforms and curriculum, but a few more sponsorships are needed to complete our goal by September 5th. 

Click Here to Sponsor a Student

As we continue, we want to share with you insightful information about the LiveBeyond school. Since the start of the school in 2019, this will be our largest group of students provided with quality education. This brings us great joy.

The LiveBeyond school mission is to produce successful students who love God, love one another and their families, and are empowered to take care of their neighbors and transform their communities through their education

Our motto for the LiveBeyond teachers and students is: 

‘We are different! We will make a difference!’

Our students enjoy learning the subjects of science, math, social studies, language arts, French, Spanish, English, Bible, and music. Our curriculum is rigorous and holds our students to high standards. It is a delight to watch them learn, excel, and be proud of the education they achieve.  


Help us provide a great education for these students by sponsoring a student today! Here are the different ways you can sponsor a student: 

~ Sponsor a student: Uniforms: $65; Curriculum: $100; Or Curriculum & Uniforms: $165

~ Sponsor a classroom of 15 students: Uniforms: $975; Curriculum: $1500; Or Curriculum & Uniforms: $2475

Click Here to Sponsor a Student

As we quickly approach the school year for the LiveBeyond students, you can also support them by praying for a successful, peaceful, and joyful school year. Thank you for your continuous outpouring of support for LiveBeyond, the students, and the people of Thomazeau, Haiti. The Lord’s love shines bright through your giving hearts!

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