May 03, 2022 . 1 year ago

Gertrude’s Story – The LiveBeyond Maternal Health Program

As we continue on in the Mother’s Day Campaign, we are making great progress toward reaching our goal. We are so thankful for your support! During trips to Haiti, you may have had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Gertrude, our head nurse and maternal health director for the LiveBeyond maternal health program. Gertrude has been with us since the early beginnings of the maternal health program.  

Today, we are sharing with you a video of Gertrude telling some of her story while working for LiveBeyond. She also shares how the opportunity has benefited her life. 

livebeyond maternal health

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The LiveBeyond nurses, doctors, and staff are the backbone of the LiveBeyond base! Without them, none of the life-changing services would have the effect they do today. Each of them cares deeply for their community and wants to see it continue to develop a positive transformation. 

You can be a part of Thomazeau continuing to receive life-changing services. By donating to the Mother’s Day Campaign, you will help LiveBeyond expand our range of services to the mothers and babies of Thomazeau. Our efforts will: 1. Expand and service more supplies for the Safe Sleep initiative. 2. Add a new doctor to the team specializing in Cesarean delivery (C-section). 3. Purchase a new ultrasound machine.

 This year we have multiple options for donations, and they are as follows: $100-$250 for safe sleep supplies, including a durable bassinet, firm fitting mattress, & a swaddle blanket. $250-$500 to support the specialty doctor’s salary. $500-$2500 to raise funds to purchase a new ultrasound machine & cover shipping costs

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And as always, any funds donated, no matter the amount, are helpful in LiveBeyond reaching our goal to expand our services for the mothers and children of Thomazeau. We thank you for your living beyond yourself today so that others can live beyond poverty tomorrow!

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