Nov 07, 2023 . 6 months ago

GivingTuesday is Almost Here

LiveBeyond is gearing up for GivingTuesday and we are excited! But we first want to start with a huge Thank You to everyone who has ever donated to LiveBeyond. Your support is making a lasting impact. You are changing lives in Haiti and Israel with every penny donated! 

As GivingTuesday approaches on November 28th, we want you to know you can make a monumental impact in the communities we serve in Thomazeau, Haiti and Israel. This year’s GivingTuesday funds will support our Maternal and Child Health Program.


Know the Impact You are Creating

LiveBeyond and the people we serve are bursting with gratitude as children attend LiveBeyond Schools, women give birth to healthy babies, kids with disabilities get medical care, and communities have access to clean water. We invite you to read LiveBeyond’s Impact Report for an update on how your donations are making a difference, and we hope you’ll keep us at the forefront of your thoughts on GivingTuesday. 


Join LiveBeyond in Prayer

We know this time of year is filled with busyness. It is difficult not to get consumed with holiday plans as we consider food preparations, decorations, travel, and so on.  As you think about all of which you are grateful, please remember others worldwide – join LiveBeyond in praying for people who:

– Are afraid to step out of their meager shelters due to the brutal environments in Haiti and Israel’s West Bank.

– Don’t have a way to feed or educate their children.

– Don’t have access to clean water.

– Can’t get the medical attention they need because it is unaffordable, and doctors are scarce on the outskirts of Jerusalem and in Haiti.

– Can’t gather to worship with fellow Christians for fear of violence, due to illness, or for lack of a gathering place.


Support our Maternal and Child Health Program this GivingTuesday

Donations to LiveBeyond on GivingTuesday improve the quality of life for those we serve. All funds support our Maternal and Child Health Program through: 

Nutritious meals.

– A Maternal Health Program where moms and pregnant women receive supplements, food, and medical attention.

– The LiveBeyond School, where children receive a Christian-led, high-quality education in a safe environment.

– The Johnny’s Kids Programs, where children with disabilities receive an education, physical therapy, speech therapy, and nutritious meals.


 Thankful for God’s Spirit in YOU

LiveBeyond is abundantly grateful that you treasure what pleases God. You are helping His children and spreading hope instead of focusing on what society considers valuable. You have chosen to live beyond yourself and let God’s Holy Spirit flow through you. Know that you are making a positive impact on a broken world. As you read these words, know they represent real people like you. People who love their families, who want the best for their children, and who dream of living in peace instead of tension and fear. You have chosen to see them, though you may never meet them or even step foot in their world. That is God’s spirit in you.  


“But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.” 

– Mathew 13:16


LiveBeyond is committed to providing tangible and intangible support to women and children in underserved communities. 

But we can only accomplish our mission with your help. Click here to support LiveBeyond this GivingTuesday

Together, we can encourage, nourish, and create pathways to a brighter future. 

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