Aug 31, 2021 . 3 years ago

Going BEYOND Education | LiveBeyond Teacher Stories

The school is able to operate successfully because of our amazing LiveBeyond teachers who work so hard. They love their jobs and they love the students so well. Without their dedicated efforts, the LiveBeyond school would not be what it is today. 

We asked some of our teachers to share why they enjoy teaching at the LiveBeyond school and we want to share their stories with you this morning. 

‘At the LiveBeyond School we have some children with handicaps and physical difficulties. All of the students work together, help each other, and love each other. This is good for Haiti. Everyone learns to love and appreciate each other, no matter what their physical condition is.’
‘At LiveBeyond, we preach the gospel to all families.’
‘At the LiveBeyond School, we are not only changing the lives of the children we teach, but we are helping the entire community.’ 
‘I like working for LiveBeyond because we have a beautiful school environment.’
‘The LiveBeyond School opens its doors to the children of the very poor and uneducated families of Thomazeau. Many of the parents of our students never went to school themselves. Entire families and communities are being transformed because these students are being provided a wonderful education for free.’ 
‘We teach respect for each other, parents, teachers, and ultimately God. Children will only respect God if they respect their parents and teachers.’

The LiveBeyond teachers have great pride in providing quality education to the children in Thomazeau, Haiti. We are grateful for them, their dedication to teaching the curriculum, and most importantly teaching the students the love of the Lord. 

Help us complete our goal for the School Fundraiser by this Sunday, September 5th. 

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