Dec 25, 2023 . 5 months ago

Grateful for Your Support in 2023

Throughout 2023, our donors wore hero’s capes in the eyes of our Haitian and Israeli communities. The people we serve in both locations, thousands of miles apart, are all facing horrific living conditions in war-torn, violent areas. Food and water are scarce, education has fallen by the wayside, and healthcare is minimal. These are trying times in Haiti and Israel, and LiveBeyond is grateful to be operating in both locations to serve vulnerable populations during their greatest times of need. Your support to LiveBeyond is a beacon of light that becomes food, water, and healthcare. It pays for doctors, teachers, and nutrition. And most of all, it delivers hope to those who need it most. As Christians, we know God doesn’t need our money to accomplish his plans. He is able to do anything. But there are times when God will ask you to participate in his plans – to do difficult things – because it strengthens your faith. LiveBeyond knows full well that:

– Parting with money can be difficult. 

– Donations should be prayerfully considered.

– With God’s blessing, your money can save lives.

– Your donations become life-saving medicine, nutrition, and healthcare.

We hope you will embrace the role of being an agent of change: someone who actively participates in fixing our broken world. Both of the communities we serve are under siege, with children, infants, and pregnant mothers desperately trying to survive. Read on to see what LiveBeyond’s donors have done to help, and what you can do to continue making a difference in the lives of our communities.


How LiveBeyond Donors Save Lives in Israel & Haiti

LiveBeyond’s communities in Thomazeau, Haiti and Israel’s West Bank are not places any human wants to live right now. We can’t end the fighting, fix the politics, or save every person. But with your help, we can continue to make an impact by helping those most vulnerable: babies, children with disabilities, and pregnant women. Donor funds make this happen through LiveBeyond’s Maternal Health Program, LiveBeyond School, and Johnny’s Kids Program. We invite you to read our 2023 Impact Report for statistics, photos, and stories from those we serve to see how our programs are improving the quality of life in these communities. Here are just a few highlights:

For Infants and Pregnant Women 

– Clinics where locally hired doctors and nurses provide pre-and post-natal care to mothers.

– Medical check-ups for infants through their first 1,000 days of life.  

– Weekly check-ups, medical attention, maternal health education, and nutritious food supplies.

– An increase in infant birth weight resulting from prenatal care.

– Education and assistance with breastfeeding that led to 100% of new mothers breastfeeding their children. 

For Students and Children with Disabilities

– LiveBeyond’s school added a 12th grade (Thomazeau). 

– Students, teachers, and staff receive two meals a day on school days (Thomazeau & West Bank).

– The LiveBeyond school is protected by a barbed wire fence and security guards (Thomazeau). 

– The Johnny’s Kids programs provide education, meals, physical therapy, love, and nurturing to children with disabilities (Thomazeau & West Bank). 

– Children are taught by excellent, experienced teachers. 

– Students attended a fun summer camp (West Bank). For most, it was their first camp experience.

– 100% of LiveBeyond’s 9th graders passed their national exams. 


What Difference Can You Make? 

At LiveBeyond, we believe in transparency. We track data to see how well our programs are working and make adjustments as necessary. We are in constant communication with those we serve, though lately, war and uprisings in both communities have made that more difficult. And we are painfully aware of the atrocious acts of violence underway in both areas. In keeping with that transparency, we won’t pretend your donations will eradicate the monumental problems at hand. But your support has, and will continue to make a huge impact in the lives of mothers and children. 

Just a few examples: your support funded the LiveBeyond Hospital we built in 2015 in Haiti. Prior to the hospital’s construction, only 23% of the community had access to healthcare. Now that number is 100%. Your gifts also maintain LiveBeyond’s 97 water purification pumps, which has significantly decreased waterborne illnesses in Thomazeau. Not only do children have clean water, they also have fresh, nutritional produce grown on the LiveBeyond Farm supported by donations. And on the West Bank, we were able to organize a day out for mothers of children with disabilities. They enjoyed time together, relaxed, formed new friendships, and shared their experiences and challenges.  

We can only do what we do with God’s blessings and your support. Please give today so we can continue working in these communities who desperately need us to be God’s hands and feet. The horrific situations in Haiti and Israel may seem insurmountable to us, but for God, nothing is impossible.

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