Aug 20, 2021 . 3 years ago

Haiti Earthquake Update: LiveBeyond Hospital Provides Lifesaving Care

As many of you know, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the southern peninsula of Haiti on August 14th. Death and injury tolls continue to rise. A reported 2,000 have died, and approximately 10,000 have been injured.

The LiveBeyond hospital is accepting patients affected by the earthquake who need medical attention. All earthquake patients treated at the LiveBeyond hospital will receive free medical care, clean water, and food supplies. 

The LiveBeyond hospital is well equipped to receive individuals in need. Our facilities are unaffected by the earthquake, we have well trained medical staff, clean water, a helicopter landing zone, and full-time solar electricity. We will continue to work with the Haitian government to ensure these efforts are coordinated efficiently. 

LiveBeyond always provides services free of charge to those in need. With emergency disaster relief there are significant costs to ensure we are well equipped with the proper supplies. If you feel compelled to give to these disaster relief efforts, please click the button below. 

Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund


All disaster relief donations will go toward medical supplies, medicines, medical tents, medical cots, and medical personnel.

As always, the LiveBeyond team sincerely appreciates your consistent outpouring of love and support! Please continue to pray for individuals mourning the loss of loved ones and the country of Haiti as they continue to navigate political unrest and natural disasters simultaneously.

If you would like to find out more about the current situation in Haiti, you can listen to our most recent podcast and take a look at this recent article from The Christian Post.


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