Mar 02, 2021 . 3 years ago

LiveBeyond is Helping Increase Quality Education in Haiti

March is here! Spring is just around the corner, and students are beginning to itch for Summer break. The LiveBeyond School has had an outstanding year, and we want to keep you informed on how students and teachers are doing. 

Before we dive into the LiveBeyond school, here are some quick facts about education in Haiti.

According to the World Bank:

  1. The average cost of tuition is $130 a year per student.
  2. More than 200,000 students cannot afford tuition.
  3. Children typically start school two years late.
  4. Over 80% of primary and secondary schools are nonpublic. 
  5. Natural disaster has continued to pose problems for the education system in Haiti.


While the LiveBeyond school is part of the private sector of education, we differentiate ourselves by providing free education to each student enrolled in our school! LiveBeyond believes free quality education is vital to developing a strong, sustainable community in Thomazeau, Haiti. 

We are pleased to tell you that the LiveBeyond student population has been growing! We are so excited to welcome each new student to the school. The school has grown so much that we have converted the first floor of the guest house into extra classrooms. It is an honor to have the opportunity to provide free, quality education to as many children as possible in Thomazeau. 

With the school year in its last months before the Summer break, our 9th graders are preparing for their national exams. The students take these exams to progress to secondary school. These exams are challenging and take much preparation from the students. All of our students would greatly appreciate your prayers as they continue to prepare. 

Our teachers at the LiveBeyond school continue to do an outstanding job educating our students. They are currently completing in-service training taught by an educator from Port-au-Prince. It inspires us how the LiveBeyond teachers have a willingness to learn and grow to educate and lead our students!

Be a Part of the Solution

Education in Haiti is improving! Our goal is for the LiveBeyond school to continue to grow so we can provide quality education to more students in need. Thank you for supporting LiveBeyond to allow our students to have free, quality education! 

If you would like to donate to LiveBeyond, click here. All donations help provide healthcare, education, and nutrition to women and children in Thomazeau, Haiti. 

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