Too Many Women & Children Lack
Life-Saving Resources

  • 400

    Million People

    Lack access to basic medical care World Health Organization
  • 2

    Billion People

    Can’t afford sufficient daily food World Health Organization
  • 222

    Million Children

    Experience disrupted education World Health Organization
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200,000 people now have access to



8,000 hungry children are fed
each day

LiveBeyond School


Hundreds of children have access to
quality education

Ways To Get Involved

Sponsor A Mother & Child-icon

Sponsor A Mother & Child

Women & children around the world are often marginalized and lack access to proper healthcare, adequate nutrition, & quality education. When you sponsor a mother & child through the LiveBeyond Maternal Health program, you are providing life-giving care to those who need it most.

Mission-Driven Leader Partnership

Are you looking to make meaningful difference in the world? We are grateful to have more than a few individuals like this that we call Community Transformers. Community Transformers are dedicated to creating measurable change in some of the most dire living conditions in the world. These leaders understand that real change takes time but that the end result is worth all of the blood, sweat, & tears.

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03Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership-icon

Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership

Are you looking to expand your organization’s impact? Whether you are affiliated with a small business, large corporation, or nonprofit, we have personalized partnership opportunities. Organizations that partner with LiveBeyond are able to expand their reach, multiply their impact, and increase job satisfaction.


Does your company have a CSR program? LiveBeyond is proud to partner with incredible corporations that are making a measurable difference throughout the world.

Give with Confidence

We are making great progress, but there is still work to be done!

Through the support of our donors...
100% of our target area now has access to quality healthcare
70% decrease in Maternal Morality in our target area
55% decrease in infant mortality in our target area
8,000 meals provided each weekday through the area schools
100% of our target area has access to clean water
The LiveBeyond School provides excellent education to 1st-12th graders
Existing needs in Haiti & Israel...
Health education, medical supplies and medications are ongoing needs
Maternal health education
Improve infant mortality rate
Food insecurity, undernutrition, improved dietary habits
Community education, improved sanitary practices
School supplies, uniforms, teachers & administrator salaries in order to attract and retain excellent educators
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Stories From The Field

Today is GivingTuesday!

Welcome to GivingTuesday! Today marks the tenth anniversary of a global movement designed to make a monumental impact in the lives of people who need it most: the sick, neglected, and oppressed. Victims of abuse, human trafficking, and slavery. […]

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As We Prepare for GivingTuesday: A Success Story

When you think of children, what image comes to mind? Laughing? Running? Playing? For many kids, that is the reality. For some, it is not. Daniel, a boy in Israel’s West Bank, where LiveBeyond opened a Johnny’s Kids program […]

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Maternal Health: Supporting Women and Children in Underserved Communities

What is it about infants that bring us so much joy? So fresh from Heaven, their innocence and fragility compel us to protect them from harm, sickness and even hurt feelings. We want their futures to be solar bright, […]

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  • LiveBeyond's mission is to provide healthcare, nutrition, and education to underserved communities in order to foster the development of stable, healthy, and sustainable communities. Download our impact report to see how underserved communities in Haiti & Israel are transforming!

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