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How LiveBeyond is Delivering Quality Education

The United Nations has created 17 Sustainable Development Goals to reach by 2030. One of those goals is to provide quality education to all children. Here is a statement from the United Nations on why quality education is so important to provide: 

“Education enables upward socioeconomic mobility and is a key to escaping poverty. Over the past decade, major progress was made towards increasing access to education and school enrollment rates at all levels, particularly for girls. Nevertheless, about 260 million children were still out of school in 2018 — nearly one fifth of the global population in that age group. And more than half of all children and adolescents worldwide are not meeting minimum proficiency standards in reading and mathematics.”

LiveBeyond is committed to seeing the children of Thomazeau receive quality education to aid in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. 

At the LiveBeyond School, we deliver quality education by providing American standard curriculum, extensive training and testing for all teachers and aides, and creating an environment of inclusion. It is of utmost importance to LiveBeyond that the students who enter our school receive the highest quality education possible. 

Our Curriculum

The curriculum we teach our students covers the subjects of English, French, Creole, Spanish, Bible, Music, Social Studies, Science, and Math. The subject of English is taught in every class and at every grade level, but also has a dedicated class. Beginning in 5th grade, our students start studying Spanish, so they have a total of 4 languages studied. We provide our students with quality education through excellent high standard curriculum. 

Teachers & Aides

All of the 26 LiveBeyond teachers and aides receive training and testing prior to the start of the school year. Through the month of August, our teachers and aides receive their preparation training. This ensures they are geared up for the school year. They also take a competency exam before the school year. The principal replaces any teacher or aide who does not meet standards before the beginning of the school year. Our highly qualified teachers and aides do a fantastic job and provide our students with quality education. 

A School with Inclusion

The LiveBeyond school believes in an environment of inclusion. We follow through with this belief by providing children with disabilities the same quality education as our typically developed students. The main goal for these students is to see them mainstream into the classroom with their peers. Several of our students have successfully joined their peers and have been top of their class. We are so proud of them and their teachers! Quality education is a must for all students no matter the abilities of the child. 

LiveBeyond will continue to change the world one life at a time through providing quality education. If you would like to be a part of this change, you can sponsor a child here

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