Apr 03, 2020 . 4 years ago

How LiveBeyond is Responding to COVID-19

Supporting Vulnerable Populations during Times of Uncertainty

During this unprecedented time, we hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe! We are incredibly thankful to all of the LiveBeyond supporters who make our work possible. LiveBeyond is continuing to support mothers and children in need in underserved communities, and we have remarkable updates regarding maternal health and the clinical staff in Haiti.

COVID-19 is affecting Haiti, and we are shipping over 150,000 masks, surgical gloves, and hygiene supplies to Haiti to aid in treatment and prevention measures. Thanks to our wonderful staff in Haiti, we are thrilled to report that our maternal health mothers and infants continue to come to the LiveBeyond clinic for food, vitamins, and weekly check ups despite the COVID-19 crisis.

Our maternal health initiative has led to extreme transformation for mothers, children, and communities. We believe that healthy mothers lead to healthy children, and healthy children lead to healthy communities. Adequate nutrition and healthcare are truly life changing for these mothers and their children during and after pregnancy.

We hope you are encouraged knowing the lives of vulnerable populations continue to be impacted through this difficult time of uncertainty. Thank you again for your support!

If you have not yet subscribed to our podcast, it is available through Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify. Checkout out today’s podcast discussing COVID-19 in Haiti.

Also, be sure to take a look at our new book, Live Beyond: A Radical Call to Surrender and Serve! We hope this book gives you a better perspective of the heart behind LiveBeyond and how the organization became what it is today.

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